Benefits Of Yoga For Men

With each passing day, yoga for men is becoming extremely popular. More and more people are realizing the fact that themselves who can write their own health. Yoga has the ability to cure most ailments that are creeping up their heads these days. Stress, depression, the lack of ability to concentrate-are some of the commonly known disorders one gets to see in a big number today. Both, men and women seem to be suffering with such disorders.

Here we list some of the basic yoga postures for men, which will help them in having a fit body when practiced regularly, for considerable amount of time. These are simple yoga for men. Therefore, it will not be difficult to work these postures out.

Different Types Of Yoga For Men

The Sun Salutation

The Sun Salutation or the suryanamaskara is a popular term in the yoga language is actually a collection of various positions strung together by the rhythm with which it is carried out. It is a set of 12 positions. In reality, the first and the last positions are the same. Therefore, in reality there are 11 unique postures. Whether you perform other yogic postures or not, but the suryanamaskara is performed by almost all the practitioners of yoga.

The Padmasana

The Padmasana, also known as the Lotus posture, is a very basic body posture, which is probably the most practiced posture in the entire conglomeration yoga postures. In this posture, you sit with legs crossed. It is advisable that you start with the Padmasana before you start with other posture in your exercise routine. It is easy to practice for all types of age groups.

Padmasana Yoga

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The Mountain Posture

The mountain pose or pravatasana ideally carried out while you stand erect on your feet. That makes it an easy yoga posture to perform. When you stand in the final stage of the posture, make sure that your legs are erect and hands are straight – not bent in the knees or elbows. The palms of both the hand should touch each other entirely.

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The Tree Posture

Another easy to perform posture is the Tree posture. The posture gives the impression of the body figure as that of a tree and hence this name. You should also perform The Tree posture in a standing position – just like the mountain pose.

Tree Posture

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In this posture, you have to touch the heel of your right foot to the inner thigh as firmly as possible. Keep your hands near your chest with palms touching each other. In some cases, the palms are also raised up above the head in the same way as the Mountain posture.

The Savasana

Yoga gurus advice to perform the Savasana exactly at the beginning and at the end of your workout. It is a completely relaxed position where you let your body muscles loose.


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Lay entirely on your back, which will make it touch the ground. Breathe normally. Get in the most comfortable position you can get in. Let your head turn in one direction while still touching the ground and keep your palms facing upwards. Do not forget to keep a distance of at least 12” between your legs. In short, relax like a log.