5 Best Hat Styles For Men

5 Best Hat Styles For Men

Hats define the personality of a man. A man’s style of carrying a hat can become his signature style as many celebrities have done in the past and still going strong.A hat is such a unique accessory that it looks good on a person when carried with style. Be it any season a hat can be put on to give your attire a lift from the routine and daily look.

There are a number of remarkable choices of hats for a man but it has to be kept in mind to accentuate it correctly.

Types Of Men’s Hat Styles


This is the most stylish of all the hats I believe. Since its origin it has been playing a principle role in designing a man’s personality. The name fedora came into being from a French play where the female protagonist was pulling off this hat.

fedora hat

The gangster or detective look can be worn in style with trench coats and over coats for a more retro look. You can even go with your collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up for a more sexy and casual style.

Bucket Hat

This is commonly called the fisherman’s hat and it is made from heavy fabric. The edges of this hat droop down to cover the eyes from the sun. Just so it does not get too warm and sweaty there are holes on the sides of this hat to let the air pass.

buket hat

You would be impressed by how you, just like many celebrities, pull it off in a cool manner. Just pair it up with casuals and you will do great.

Cadet Cap

This has been ruling the roost since time immemorial. Started primarily by the army but now this trend has walked graciously into the civilian lifestyle as well.

cadet hat

This is a very casual style and can be worn any time of the year. When bikers refuse to put on their helmets they go for this spontaneous and cool look. You would catch celebrities pull off this cap with glitz.

Derby Hats

Popularized into the new age world by the iconic Charlie Chaplin, this hat is a hard fabric round brimmed hat which is also called the bowler’s hat. The Bowler’s were the first manufacturers of this hat and hence named after them. It originated in England and soon paved its way into America and soon the rest of the world was wearing it.

durby hat

These derby hats make a bold fashion statement. A derby hat gives a very bold and gentleman statement,hence, carry with style.

Western Hats

Also called the cowboy hat,this hat is wide brimmed and known for its history. You must have seen American cowboys in movies wearing such hats and pulling out their guns in style.

westrn hat

I believe no celebrity could have made these hats more popular than Indiana Jones. Even, Ronald Reagan did quite a contribution to make this hat legendary. Get adventurous with this the cowboy hats. This hat gives off a very rugged and jagged look, hence best paired up with leather and denims.