Best Natural Gallstone Remedies

With so many remedies available for gallstone, the question that comes to most peoples’ mind is which treatment is the most effective for gallstone. The most common conventional way to treat symptomatic gallstone is surgery, which is called laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

More than 500,000 people in America every year undergo this surgery to remove their gallbladder.  But very few people know that surgery is not the only remedy for gall stone. Surgery is expensive and carries many side effects because gallbladder helps the body in performing an important digestive functions.

It helps to store bile and secrete it into the small intestine in order to help the digestion of food. It passes bile from liver to intestine so that fats can be digested properly. Removing this important organ can lead to incessant digestive problems and also increase the risk of colon and bowel cancer.

But the good news is that surgery is not the only remedy for gall stone. There are some very effective holistic treatments available to fight and cure gall stone. Before surgery becomes the final option, try these proven natural treatments to get rid of gallstone without taking any risk of removing the entire gallbladder. Some of these remedies include revised diet, drinking lots of fluids, taking some vitamins and few herbs.

Best Natural Gallstone Remedies


The first step to remove gallstone naturally is undergoing a detoxification process. This can be done by drinking a full glass of water every hour. This will allow your gallbladder to remain less sticky and more fluid. This process will make the gallstones more soluble and assist them in getting flushed out easily from the urinary system.

Revised Diet

Eliminate high cholesterol foods from your diet. The presence of higher level of cholesterol overpowers the bile in the gallbladder and solidifies the digestive liquid.  So the foods that are adding more cholesterol content to the bile production like high-fat dairy products, processed food, meat, poultry, egg yolks, sweets and the like should be completely avoided.

Cleansing the liver naturally helps to eliminate toxins, chemical and impurities from the body. Using natural ingredients like grapefruit, extra virgin olive oil, and lemon, you can effectively eliminate the buildup of excess toxin from the body and help the liver to perform its job more effectively. This type of cleansing can even cause the gallstone to pass through the system within just 24 hours.

The most effective liver, kidney, gallbladder and colon cleansers include whole grains, and fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. So make sure to incorporate them in your daily diet.

Vitamin C has the ability to change cholesterol into bile. So, take vitamin C supplements regularly. Another way of cleansing is eating food in their natural state like eating fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also supplements like artichokes, milk thistles, and turmeric that are widely used in Middle Eastern and European countries to control cholesterol and lower bile production.

Another Popular Gallstone Remedy You Can Try Is

Drink four to five glasses of apple juice for five days or eat 4 to 5 apples daily. This will help to soften the gallstones. Continue with your normal diet also. On the sixth day, take your breakfast and lunch but avoid heavy dinner. You can take soup or light fluids at night. In the evening drink a glass of warm water mixed with one teaspoon of Epsom salt.

After two hours, drinks another glass of Epsom salt water.  This will help to open the gallbladder duct. Two hours later, mix half cup of lemon juice and half cup olive oil and drink. The oil helps to lubricate the stone and ease their passage.

Try these natural remedies to get rid of gallstone painlessly.