Best Positions For Anal Sex

Positions For Anal Sex Couples are not comfortable in trying anal sex for variety of reasons. The chief reason is the fear of getting infection. Couples should try anal sex after proper cleaning and after emptying bowel. This article focuses on some anal sex positions, which couples can try in their love-making.

Top Positions For Anal Sex

Prepare Her Anus for Anal Sex

You can lick her anal opening and slowly insert your tongue inside her anus to stimulate her. You can finger her anus after proper lubrication. Make sure that you trim your finger nails before fingering her anus.

Spoon Position For Anal Sex

You should lie on her side and you should start kissing her lips and neck region. You should squeeze her breast and you should massage her thighs and belly region. You should apply lubricants over your penis and you should lick her arm .You should slowly insert your penis to her anus. You should start pressing your penis deeper into her anus. You should stop in between to avoid major pains.

You should hold her thigh closer to you, and you should circle your hands over her thigh. You should slowly lift her thigh and place it over your leg. You should slide inside her anus and you should keep on massaging her thigh. You should encourage her to move her finger over her clitoris and vagina. You should bring back thigh to normal position and you should keep on thrusting.

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Christmas Sex Positions For Couples

You should repeat the process of lifting thigh once again and this time; keep her thigh at different angle. Make sure that your penis does not come out of anus, and you should adjust your position based on penis comfort. You should again ask her to rub her clitoris. You should pull yourself closer to her neck region and you should start massaging her clitoris and vaginal region.

You should make her rest her thighs on your thigh and ask her to lean forward. You should start massaging her vagina while you climax stronger inside her anus. If possible, go for mutual rubbing of vagina and clitoris.

Doggie Style Variety

You should make her lie on bed and you should insert your penis to her anus after proper lubrication. You should take her hands and place it over her buttocks. You should hold her hands tightly with your hands and you should continue your anus penetration. The friction in this position is great as her anus would hold your penis tighter.

You should release her hands and you should again hold her hands after some seconds. Make her lean forward and you should sit between her legs and insert your penis inside her anus. Ask her to spread open her anus using her hands and enjoy doing anal sex with her in this lovely position.

Anus Missionary Sex Position

You should rub your penis over her vagina in a missionary sex position. Then you should sit between her legs and you should lift her legs. You should insert your penis into her anus and you should thrust it. You should massage her breast to heighten anal sex pleasure.