Best Positions For Satisfying Sex


Woman on top`

Sex is an integral part of any romantic relationship. Sex is an art of giving and taking pleasure where emotions play a great role. The body and mind comes into a union and sex happens in a spasm of flowing passion and excitement.

Sex can be enjoyed and appreciated most if you can perform it in innovative ways which includes sex positions, using various items like fruits, honey, chocolate sauce, accessories and so on. Sex positions not only make your enjoyment better and thrilling but also ensure the right kind of penetration with least discomfort on either partner.

Sex positions have been a matter of awe and wonder for many individuals who are about to have sex for the first time. The best thing about sex is that you can be as creative and as innovate as you want to which will suit both you and your partner.

There are no fixed rules regarding sex. If you discover a position that brings immense joy and pleasure you can always share that idea with others. However, sex has been like many other things studied upon since ages.

The very well known Indian book on sex positions Kama sutra gives you a plethora of interesting sex positions that has been proven over the ages to satisfy men and women alike.

Interesting Sex Positions

Learn About Sex Positions To Enjoy In the Best Ways

Learn About Sex Positions To Enjoy In the Best Ways

The woman on top position is very exciting for both the man and woman as the woman takes charge over her man and he loves being her slave as she leads the show.

Woman on top

There is immense joy as the woman has a plethora of fantasies to do with her man while he keeps feeling excited about the things that will be done on him. This position is most easy and can be achieved almost anywhere while lying or even sitting.

The missionary position is the most common position with the man on top and the woman lying below. For first timers these two are the best positions to begin with. The man on top can also be achieved by lying on the back of the woman.

The spooning and hugging position is achieved by a man lying behind the woman and holding her from the back while necking her and kissing her shoulder. Women love this position as they feel comfort and love being showered upon them.

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You penetrate at your ease and keep moving gently while embracing your woman by surrounding your arms from her back. It’s a very relaxing position for both the man and woman.

For a gentle relaxing sex you can also try sitting on a rocking chair where the woman will sit on the man’s lap and the gentle rocking motion helps in penetration as well as pleasure.

Another position that is appropriate for deep penetration is when the woman is kneeling down on her four limbs or is bent over a platform and the man enters her from behind. This can be very passionate and orgasm can be reached sooner than imagined.

Another position that is appropriate

A very passionate and romantic position is the face to face position where you sit facing each other in an embrace and the legs are kept straight behind the partner’s back.

You keep hugging and kissing each other while the penetration keeps getting rocked according to the flow of your emotions. There isn’t any end to sex positions and you can create your own list that suits you and your partner the most. Sex is one of the most creative arts that need your imagination to run wild.