Best Way To Lose Man Boobs

Man Boobs ‘Man boob’ is a mind and soul agitating term for millions of males around the globe. Gynaecomastia is abnormal development of mammary glands in men owing to a number of reasons. Some males unfortunately get male boobs in such intensity that they end up with breasts even larger than women.

On the other hand, you can spot many cool guys hanging around with muffin tops (minimal man boobs) without a scintilla of embarrassment, excepting their shagging breasts as a normal handy work of obesity. However, getting rid of man breast is getting as important as respiration for the tone conscious ultra chic man of today.

Problem With Man Boobs

Gynaecomastia does not impart any kind of pain or other health hazards. But the psychological trauma and social humiliation which permanent and huge boobs of man bring to the sufferer and their well wishers is beyond description. Besides, gynaecomastia is potential enough to render you less appealing to your partner and to other females as well.

Reason For Man Boobs

Three basic physical disorders are being surmised to cause boobs in men.

Due to hormonal anomalies many young boys, in their adolescence may develop male boobs. The estrogen hormone which generally is found in traces in man sometimes may be secreted more than the required amount, resulting in man breasts. This kind of gynaecomastia generally purges off in a year or two after the growth spurt has passed.

Over eating in some males may cause a large amount of fat to be deposited around the nipples causing shagging breasts in men. Pseudogynaecomastia is another name assigned to this type of male boobs.

If man boobs make an unusual appearance in middle age than the condition can be alarming as this may also be an indication of testicular cancer.

Self Examination

It is in a way easy to self examine your breasts to confirm what type of man breasts you have. Palpate a single boob with the help of your thumb and forefinger for the presence of any disc shaped nodular tissue inside. If you find this then you are having enlarged man breasts with real breast tissue. Presence of only flabby soft tissue is pseudogynaecomastia and is less alarming.

Treatment For Gynaecomastia

Man Boobs

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Man boobs surgery can be rightly called as the knight in shining armor for those unlucky guys who have male breasts with real breast tissue. Gynaecomastia surgery boasts of a quick procedure and a flat chest post surgery. But every surgery is painful and has its unique risk factors, above the expenses. So, you are expected to opt for a cosmetic surgery only if you have enlarged man boobs, for pseudogynaecomastia other great solutions do exists to rescue you out of your worries meaningfully.

Herbal remedies are of ancient origin and can be used safely to combat male breasts to great extent. Including turmeric in your daily diet is also believed to bring amazing results. There are enough evidences; many guys much often don’t even seem to know what gynaecomastia is. They just flex their muscles in the gym, stick to a diet low in calories and see their sagging chest disappear in a decent period of time. Thanks to their instinct!

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Greatly recommended gym exercises for gynaecomastia cure are weight exercise such as bench presses, combined alternately with rowing machine work outs. Have you heard of Compression undergarments for men? These undergarments are devised to suck in 2-3 inches instantly and to give you a dashboard flat tummy and chest.

There’s more to it, wearing these undergarments for 5-8 hours daily accelerates decent weight reduction through micro massage, sweating and compression. Nothing seems more comfortable than shapewear for male breast reduction. You can derieve all necessary information about this line of shapewear from internet.

‘Where there is a will there is a way’ someone said. Stay positive and determined in your way to discard gynaecomastia. It’s no longer considered a cureless condition. Just be careful enough to find the right treatment for your type of gymaecomastia and the right professionals to help you out of man boobs successfully and safely.

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