Best Ways To Approach Your Ex

After having a good time for a season the division may happen between two lovers. Misunderstandings, dishonesty and giving room for suspicion are the main cause for separation. It is a great pain to separate each other after having spent a great romantic life. Very often, you are compelled to reach your love-mate as you are chased by past wonderful moments. Here are some practical and useful ways to help you approach your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

How To Approach Your Ex

Positive Approach

As a matter of fact, most of the broken relationships can be brought on track unless your partner is occupied or lured with selfish interests. The chances of winning your lost partner will be higher when your partner is not dating with a new one. By taking advice from experts in this matter, you will be able to win your lost partner.

Best Ways To Approach Your Ex

By going through the well planned approach, you will not worsen the situation and thus will be able to win your partner’s heart. Mending your broken relationship deserves sensible approach. It is possible to win back your lost partner in as much as 90% of total cases.


Timing is very important to mend your relationship. As a matter of fact, you might have known the coolest times of your partner from the experience of your past relationship. The timing of your reconciliation message should land her at the most appropriate time. It is not the time when she is fully engaged in office work. It is not the time when she is taking a rest.


As soon as you are tempted to mend your relationship, you should not use all the available communication channels immediately. You can send instant message through a mobile phone. You can call her or him straightaway. You can send email. You can chat over various instant messengers and social networking sites.

Best Ways To Approach Your Ex

You should take time to think over the kind of message that you would like to send. The wording should be in such a way that they will convey regret for the past and you should convey that you are really interested in reviving the relationship. You should not hesitate to confess your mistakes.


There are various seasons to refresh your relationship. Birthdays, friendship days and valentine days are the most prominent ones. You can initiate a dialogue with a message of confession, seeking forgiveness and expressing how badly you missed her or him after the separation. It is always better to avoid confrontation in public which will hamper your thrust for revival of broken relationships.

Forgiving Spirit

It is the spirit of forgiving that does the trick in working of our relations. Broken relations can be revived by understanding your own mistakes and seeking pardon from your pardon. You should have room for adjustment. As a matter of fact, there is no one perfect on the plant on earth.

Everyone will have weakness in certain spaces. However, you are not prone to live with that weakness. You have every possibility to work for the relationship by understanding each and other. Accusation worsens the matter whereas convincing attitude will win others.