Business And Casual Dinner Jacket Etiquette

Business And Casual Dinner Jacket Etiquette

An elegant dinner jacket adds a classy look to your suit which makes you stand out in the crowd. You need to choose the color, fabric, collars and the finish of your dinner jacket with utmost care. You can wear it on different occasions like formal party or a casual social gathering in the evening.

Business Dinner Jacket

You are required to wear formal attire for events like formal parties, weddings and business engagements. You can express your status, success and style in formal events with proper fashion etiquettes. Following the dinner jacket etiquette is very essential while you are attending a formal event.

In case of a black tie event you need to wear a double or single breasted dinner jacket and a silk bow tie in black. Following the appropriate dinner jacket etiquette during a gathering adds elegance to your appearance.

Business Dinner Jacket

You can dress up elegantly by following appropriate dinner jacket etiquette. You should ideally complement your dinner jacket with a formal tie, a dark colored suit. You should take your pick between black or navy blue suits while going out on formal occasions.

Casual Dinner Jacket

You can opt to wear a casual wear on most of your occasions rather than a formal wear. You can wear just a coat or a coat along with a tie in some events according to your choice and preferences. While you consider the dinner jacket etiquette, it is also important to go through the invitation card to know what kind of dressing will suit the particular event.

Casual Dinner Jacket

Casual events include attending a private party, going to a restaurant, a cruise line, country club, etc. For a semi-formal occasion a dinner jacket can be worn with a conventional tie like formals for business requirements. You can choose to dress up in a morning suit or dinner jacket along with a bow tie in black. Nowadays a lot of couples have stopped following this custom and simply opt for a stylish business suit. You can follow dinner jacket etiquettes and select the appropriate style of dinner jacket for an evening reception.

Types of Dinner Jackets

Dinner jackets are of four types like the double breasted shawl collar, single breasted shawl collar, double breasted peaked lapel and single breasted peaked lapel. Single breasted jackets have a single waist button and are generally worn unbuttoned. You should cover the exposed trouser waistband with a waistcoat or a cummerbund. Double breasted jackets have four buttons and you should wear the jacket buttoned.

Knowing You Dinner Jacket Well

It is very important for you to know dinner jacket etiquette and then dress aptly for the occasion. Midnight blue and black dinner jackets are classic and popular choices. You should opt for a jacket fabric which weighs about 9 or 10 oz as it can be worn in any climate. Dinner jacket etiquette helps you to know the minute details about a jacket which you are unaware of.

blue and black dinner jackets

On the left lapel of your dinner jacket a buttonhole should be present which will hold a boutonniere along with a stem-holder on the label’s opposite side. If the buttonhole is missing from your jacket then you can get it added by a tailor. Dinner jacket etiquette provides you with the correct knowledge about jacket and the correct color that you should sport. You can opt for an ivory or white color dinner jacket for a formal event.

Selecting a Dinner Jacket For Yourself

Apart from knowing the general dinner jacket etiquette it is also necessary for you to decide which style of dinner jacket will suit you the best. Black is the most common color according to dinner jacket etiquette but you can also opt for a white one which too looks stunning.


It is very necessary to identify the style of jacket which will cajole your type of body. Fundamentally your body form can be classified under any of the five broad categories.

Husky And Tall

In case if you are well-rounded and tall, then you should preferably opt for a dinner jacket which is double-breasted or single breasted or a three-buttoned dinner jacket. This will make you appear round-chested and huge. With such a body type you can also opt for a jacket which has one or two buttons with the buttons placed at a low level. Your shoulders will get a wide image and also the narrowing in of the lapels will give your stomach a slim look.

Slim And Tall

If you are slim and tall, you will look good in any style of dinner jacket just like the people who flaunt a sporty and tall body structure. A jacket with single or double button which is single-breasted or a double-breasted one will help to give your shoulders a broad appearance.

two-buttoned dinner jacket

Sporty And Tall

If your body type is brawny and tall you can go for any type of dinner jacket. If you wear a single-breasted, three-buttoned jacket then the jacket will compliment your body a lot and make you look ravishing. A double breasted dinner jacket will help you to display case your body.

three-buttoned dinner jacket

Short and Slender

If you fall in this category then single breasted jackets will be best option for you. A jacket with three buttons can be classy and modern whereas the one with one or two buttons can be worn at all times.

single breasted

Husky and Short

If you are husky and short then a single-button, single-breasted dinner jacket will be the right choice for you. If you are aware of the correct dinner jacket etiquette, then you will never feel out of place.


Husky and Short

Regardless of any particular era, dinner jacket has always been and will continue to be a standard style of dressing. These jackets have a rich inheritance and have been conforming to changing styles and trends. Dinner jackets are every man’s desire but you need to be sure that you will be able to carry them off properly before buying them.