14 Cancer Remedies For Men

14 Cancer Remedies For Men

Many individuals have the notion that once a person is diagnosed with cancer, it is the tip of the iceberg for him/her and he/she is left with no other option than opt for treatments like chemotherapy and pray that the disease dies down on its own. Most individuals feel that there is no other way to prevent or control cancer other than opting for expensive treatments and medications.

On the contrary though, cancer can be termed as just the starting of an illness that can be controlled with effort and equal dedication.Cancer is termed to be serious only if its cells multiply rapidly and spread to the major organs in the system.

However, there are many cures and remedies that can prevent the cancer cells from multiplying or spreading in the system. These remedies can also strengthen a weak immune system, take care of nutritional deficiencies and reduce toxicity factors that otherwise would contribute to cancer in individuals.

Remedies for Cancer

Here are some of the best known natural remedies for cancer.Although there is no guarantee that these cures would rid your body off the disease completely, studies show that they would give you a definite edge in battling with the condition.

Baking Soda

It is a known fact that cancer cells cannot survive or multiply in an alkaline environment. Therefore, alkalizing the body can to an extent prevent the cancer cells from growing. And baking soda may just help do that trick.

baking soda

Mix a tablespoon of baking soda with 8 ounces of water. Squeeze in a lemon for extra measure. Drink the concoction several times a day to alkalize your body.


In certain cases, hormones found inside the body can cause the cancer cells to proliferate. For example, estrogen can cause cell proliferation of cancerous cells into tumors. Therefore, reducing the estrogen production in the body to significantly low levels can help control the cancer from spreading.


Grapes are known to contain a compound called proanthocyanidins which help reduce the estrogen production in the body. This in turn helps reduce the growth of cancerous cells. Grapes are known to control/treat breast, colon, lung and prostate cancers.

Blood Root

Chemotherapy can harm the healthy cells of the body while getting rid of the cancerous ones. However, blood root can overcome that issue.

blood root

A perennial plant by nature,blood root contains Sanguinarine, an alkaloid that targets only the cancerous cells while leaving the healthy cells untouched. Blood Root can be used both externally (for superficial cancers) and internally.

Vegetable and Fruit Juices

Fresh vegetables and fruit juices (for example, banana, apple, cherries, mango etc.) contain high amounts of vitamins and nutrients that help to strengthen the body’s immune system. A strong immune system would be able to fight off harmful radicals and cancer causing pathogens on its own. So drinking these juices regularly could keep cancerous cells at bay.


Chaga & Maitake Mushrooms

Also called as the dancing mushroom,the Maitake Mushroom is known to fight off cancerous cells in addition to increasing the effectiveness of radiation and chemotherapy treatments used to treat cancer. It would also reduce the side effects caused by these treatments in individuals.


Chaga is another variety of mushroom with medicinal properties. It helps to increase the strength of the immune system and has potent anti-cancer properties that help to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.


A substance usually found in tomatoes, papayas, apricots, grapes and watermelons etc.,Lycopene contains potent anti oxidant properties that help to remove free radicals from the body. Lycopene is known to be very effective in treating/controlling stomach, lung and prostate cancers.

tomato juice

Essiac & Green Teas

Both varieties of teas contain potent anti cancer and anti inflammatory properties that help treat/control a variety of cancers, including lung, prostate, breast, liver and skin cancer.

green tea

The teas are made of natural herbs that cleanse the body in addition to offering protection from cancer causing pathogens. Therefore,drinking several cups of Essiac or Green Tea every day can help control cancerous cells and their harmful side effects in individuals.

Flax Seeds combined with Cottage Cheese

A winning combination indeed! Consuming flax seed and cottage cheese together would provide the body with the essential fatty acids and lipoproteins it needs to reduce tumors, prevent cancerous cells from proliferating, fight off the cancer causing pathogens and restore health in the process.


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Soybean is known to contain plenty of isoflavones, a substance needed by the body to fight off cancerous cells at the early stages.


Soybean also contains plenty of phytoestrogens that help to block the cancerous cells from reaching the estrogens for cell proliferation.The remedy is known to act as an effective cure for lung, prostate, breast and colon cancer.

Hemp Oil

Like blood root, hemp oil is known to be very effective in reducing cancerous cells and not affecting healthy cells in the process. Hemp oil actually goes one level higher and kills the cancerous cells completely.

hemp oil

Substances called cannbinoids present in hemp oil act on the cancerous cells and destroy them completely. The remedy is often used to treat many forms of cancer.


Known to be very effective in treating certain varieties of colorectal cancer, Broccoli is most effective when it is taken in the form of sprouts.Broccoli sprouts contain anti cancer properties and a substance called Sulforaphane which helps to destroy cancerous cells pertaining to different types of cancers.


Broccoli sprouts also contain potent anti-oxidizing properties that help to remove harmful radicals and pathogens from the body, thus preventing the spread of cancer cells owing to the same.


The raw form of wheatgrass when taken as it is or in the form of a juice, can help reduce cancer cell proliferation to a great extent. Regular intake of wheatgrass would also help strengthen the body’s immune system and get rid of toxins and other impurities that could otherwise lead to the growth of cancerous cells.



A medicinal herb,Myrrh contains potent anti bacterial,anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties, all of which help to treat/control different kinds of cancer.


Other Remedies for Cancer

Some of the other known remedies for cancer include Ginseng (helps to strengthen the immune system and fight off cancer causing pathogens), Aloe Vera (useful in the treatment of lung and prostate cancer), Melatonin (a powerful inhibitor of breast cancer cell proliferation) and Iodine (reduces estrogen production).

aloevera juice