Cartier Masse Secrete Panther Ladies’ Watch

Cartier, one of the leading luxury brands of the world has once again has been successful in creating an ornately designed ladies’ watch that will definitely keep you spellbound. Unveiled at the Salon International De La Haute Horology show at Geneva, the Cartier Masse Secrète Panther Ladies’ watch is an intricately crafted time-piece with numerous priceless diamonds embedded on it.

Cartier Masse Secrete Panther

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True to their reputation, Cartier has proved again that this combination of jewelry and a watch is completely exclusive and unmatched. Cartier’s delicate craftsmanship and great detailing is visible through this gorgeous ladies’ watch.

Magnificent Craftsmanship

The Cartier Masse Secrète Panther Ladies’ Watch consists of a casing made of 18K white gold. This is again plated with rhodium to increase its durability. To add to the richness, generous quantities of exquisite pieces of white diamonds are showered. These diamond pieces are aligned in two circles around the dial space giving it an imperial touch without getting devoid of its trendy and sophisticated look.

The most striking feature of this watch is an ornamented panther situated at the center spreading from the 9 o’ clock position to the 2 o’ clock position. This panther made of white gold has been elegantly crafted and the black spots of the panther have been symbolized by exquisite purple pearls embedded on it. This beautifully and accurately designed panther not only makes it look gorgeous but also helps in the movement of the hands.

Cartier Masse Secrete Panther Specs

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Due to its unique arrangement, the movement of the panther is observable through the sapphire casing giving an impression of a manual timepiece while working automatically. Since there are no hour and minute markings on the black dial; steps have been taken to prevent uncontrolled oscillation of the panther to allow proper viewing of the hour and the minute hand. The winding crown is made of white gold with a single diamond on it.

Technical Specifications

With a self- winding mechanism of 9603 caliber movement, this ultimate luxury timepiece consists of 633 elements majority of them being exquisite jewels and stones amounting to around 6.8 carats. This watch has a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a total power reserve of 48 hours which can be further winded to regain its energy.

With a water resistance power of up to 30 meters, this high-end luxurious watch contains a personal identification number at the back of the sapphire covered casing. The leather strap is made up of semi-matte alligator leather in black. This perfectly matched leather strap with the black colored dial adds to the richness of the watch.

Cartier Masse Secrete Panther

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This watch is a representation of the best artistry and skill. With a brilliant combination of jewels and latest technology, the watch is truly no less than a masterpiece. By getting one of these heavily ornamented watches, you are bound to create a fashion statement. Diamonds are known to be every girl’s heart winner; therefore this diamond studded watch will surely be loved by your girl. The Cartier Masse Secrète Panther Ladies’ watch is a great combination of advanced technology and extreme lavishness.