Causes And Prevention Of Diabetes

causes of diabetes Ask any diabetic patient how it feels like suffering from this disease? How it feels like restricting oneself, every time from eating anything, of one’s choice? This chronic disease marked by high levels of blood sugar is increasing day by day.

The cause of this disease is, improper functioning of pancreas which has a major role to play in the digestion of fat, starch and proteins by secreting two hormones-insulin and glucagon.

Whenever there is a rise in the blood sugar level, the insulin stimulates the body to grab glucose in the blood and stores the extra glucose in the form of glycogen thus, lowering the blood sugar level.

When the level of sugar falls, the glucagon hormone takes the charge of converting the stored glycogen into glucose.  The scope of this article is to highlight certain contributing factors that result in insulin resistance in the body. Certain preventions too have been suggested to keep this problem at bay.

Causes and Prevention for Diabetes

High Glycaemic Diet

High Consumption of processed carbs leads to a sharp increase in the glucose level in a short time followed by huge dips in its level, which overburdens the two pancreatic hormones- insulin and glucagon. Treating our body incessantly with such diet makes these hormones lose their sensitivity to blood sugar, leading to diabetes.

So the first line of treatment of this disease is, opting for foods that are low calorie and avoiding refined and high glycaemic foods. Throughout your day the total calorie intake should not exceed 1500 mark. This is sufficient enough to include fruits, vegetables, chapattis, brown rice, grains etc.

There are certain myths related to the diet for diabetic patients like – fruits, potatoes, rice and vegetables grown underground are dangerous for them. This is totally untrue. Instead high fiber and harder fruits, potatoes with skin, brown rice are good for them, if taken in small regular portions.

Yes, you have to control your urge for sweets. Fat and excess salt intake should also be monitored. You should also opt for small frequent meals which will reduce the glycaemic load at one time.

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Overweight and diabetes, both complement each other. Hyper secretion of insulin, to cope up with high blood sugar levels leads to weight gain which in turn reduces insulin sensitivity and glucose utilization thus forming a vicious circle.

So, weight loss helps in the management of this problem.  Aim to lose 10 kilogram in a year by being more active and involving in any weight reducing activity such as yoga, Pilates, sports, dance or anything of your choice.


Stress is a silent killer that affects every aspect of our life. Pituitary gland situated in the brain that regulates the secretion of many other glands in the body gets dysfunctional due to stress resulting in the disturbance of levels of insulin and glucagon hormones too. So involve in anything that acts as a stress buster.


Low sugars are equally bad so have an adequate and balanced diet. Diet in the form of complex carbohydrates supplemented with fruits prevents this condition.


Heredity is largely responsible for type 2 diabetes so if diabetes prevails in your family always remain more cautious towards your diet and lifestyle.


As the age progresses towards 45 the chances of getting afflicted by diabetes increases significantly, so better become more health conscious as you age.