Causes And Treatments Of Baldness

Causes And Treatments Of Baldness

Baldness, it’s quite a scare for many people. Baldness also known as alopecia affects lot of people at some or the other time in their lives. Baldness basically is hair loss which begins as a loss of hair in a certain patch growing and further resulting in complete hair loss. It is not a serious condition however hair loss certainly affects the aesthetical appearance of the person and for some it might result in lack of self confidence as well. Also the pattern of hair loss in males and females is different. In men baldness begins at the crown region and might take about 5-6 years to develop fully whereas in females the beginning of baldness begins as breaking of hair from its shaft and frequent hair loss. In women post achieving menopause the rate of hair loss increases very quickly due to hormonal changes. There are a number of causes for hair loss leading to baldness; some of them are described as follows.

Here Are Causes And Treatment Of Baldness

Heredity And Genetic Factors

Some people carry the baldness gene and if your parents show signs of hair loss it is very likely that even you will experience hair loss at some point of life. The hair loss which happens as a result of an autoimmune disease is called ‘alopecia areata’ where the body’s immune system starts attacking the normal hair growth cells resulting in baldness.

Heredity And Genetic Factors

Anemia Or Nutritional Deficiencies

 Anemia which means you might have iron deficiencies or your blood has low levels of haemoglobin. Also if your body is deficient of certain nutrients and has low protein levels; it might lead to hair loss and baldness. In cases of nutritional deficiencies, your hair shaft does not get enough nutrition and hence become dull dry and fall off easily.


Use Of Certain Medications

Drugs which are used for chemotherapy result in tremendous hair loss. Along with chemotherapy drugs, some other medications that result in hair loss are drugs used to treat high blood pressure and gout (hyperuricemic condition).



Most of the people experience hair loss and baldness with increasing age. Women after achieving menopause become prone to hair loss usually.


Excessive Use Of Hair Styling Products Or Treatments

Now-a-days people have started excessive use of hair styling treatments like permanent straightening, smoothing, hair colouring, bleaching; overuse of hair products etc. All these chemicals damage the natural hair and gradually result in hair loss and baldness.

Excessive Use Of Hair Styling Products Or Treatments

Treatment of alopecia depends on the specific cause which is responsible for it. The doctor might identify cause of baldness based on a thorough check up of the scalp, few blood tests and in some cases a hair patch test (kind of a biopsy). The different options available for treating baldness are explained as follows.

Topical Hair Creams Or Lotions

Some of the lotions or topical creams are available which promote hair growth. Minoxidil is an effective and widely used drug for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. It is available in a solution with alcohol for topical application. A oral tablet of finasteride (only for men) is also available for use.

Topical Hair Creams

Steroid Based Topical Medication

Some of the steroid based medications which are known to reduce inflammation and damage are available as topical creams. These creams are best against hair loss resulted due to chemical damage and harsh conditions.

Steroid Based Topical Medication

Hair Wigs

Using hair wigs is not a treatment for hair loss; however it can really boost the morale of a bald person and give him self confidence. Use of wigs depends on every individual’s will; it is more of a personal decision.

Hair wigs

Hair Grafting And Treatments

This is a technology which has helped many; mostly beneficial for males. What happens in skin grafting is hair follicles from any other patch of your skin are transplanted on to the bald scalp. This gives a very natural appearance to the grafted hair. Other treatments include use of certain laser beams which stimulate hair growth and targeting them on the scalp.

Hair grafting

Nutritional Supplements

Regular use of iron supplements, biotin and multi-vitamin supplements boost hair growth and can be used as an add-on to other treatments and medications. Even when minor hair loss is observed, starting with nutritional supplements might prevent further severe loss of hair.


We had a look at the medicinal and surgical treatments for baldness. There are few natural and alternative therapies which are available and might prove to be beneficial. These are yoga and meditation, acupuncture, aroma therapy, use of some specific Chinese herbs etc. Massaging the scalp for 15-20 min ever day will also help in promoting hair growth.