Causes Of Sexless Marriage For Men

Sex is an integral part of a conjugal marriage. It is normal for desire for sex to stop gradually with age as the partners may lose sex drive or may have some medical condition for which they may not be able to perform sexually. However, young married couples are expected to enjoy sex as much as they can and if you have a sexless marriage then it is really a distress for you.

However, there isn’t anything that can’t be solved and may be if you can understand the causes for men who become responsible for creating sexless marriage then maybe you will be in a better position to find out effective solutions.

Reasons Of Sexless Marriage For Men

Physical Problems

Physical problems can include a host of problems among which any one or more than one reason may cause sexless marriage in your life. To begin with the most primary reason for sexless marriage for a man can be impotence or erectile dysfunction which again may result from physical defects, medical conditions or psychological barriers. These can be taken care of to a considerable extent with proper examination, treatment and lifestyle modifications.

Causes Of Sexless Marriage For Men

Medical conditions like diabetes and bad habits like substance abuse may affect your conjugal life. If you have a sexless marriage due to your low libido or erection problems then you must definitely get the medical tests done to confirm the same so that you can begin your treatment immediately. If you want to enjoy your conjugal life then it’s important that you give up any kind of prejudice or hesitation by accepting you problem and seeking treatment.

Psychological Barriers

Though physical problems may account for many sexless marriages yet psychological barriers are no less significant in causing sexless marriages for men. Being abused as a kid, disturbed childhood and other significant psychological trauma may account for sexless marriages.

Depression, anxiety, extreme stress and fatigue can cause sexless marriages and if you are spending most of your time at work then obviously you won’t have any energy or zeal left to have sex.

Marital Conflicts

One of the major reasons for a sexless marriage is marital conflicts. Discords in personal relationship with spouse and also infidelity can badly affect conjugal life.

Causes Of Sexless Marriage For Men

Sex is not only physical as it requires emotional attachment between the partners to initiate and enjoy sex. Sex can’t exist without proper bonding, intimacy or love between couples.

Work And Financial Distress

If a man isn’t getting satisfaction from work or he is constantly under stress due to financial problems even then sex may take a back seat. To enjoy sex you need to be calm and relaxed as tensions and stress prevent you to get an erection or even have the sex drive.

Ways To Get Rid Of Sexless Marriage

Identify The Problem And Communicate

To get rid of a sexless marriage to enjoy a great conjugal life the first step is to accept and identify the problem and discuss about it with your spouse. May be your marital conflicts can be solved with proper communication and your sexless marriage will turn into a great marriage with exciting sex life.

Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can take care of a plethora of problems and once you make lifestyle modifications by taking balanced diet, doing regular exercises, avoiding bad habits like smoking and alcoholism and taking proper rest and sleep eventually you will find great & positive changes in your life in every aspect. You will feel fresh, energetic and your stress levels can also be controlled.