Chopard Watch Models And Reviews

Watches have forever been an icon for showing your class and pomp, from the older elegant pocket watches right down to the elegant wrist adornments we see today. But one name that has continuously been attached to good quality watches is ‘Swiss’.

And a name that stands out boldly amongst high quality Swiss watches is Chopard. They have for long been carriers of new age designs and solid metal works in repeatedly seamless features. And if it’s an impact you are looking for these watches have the edge and sheen to give you that in notable fashion.

Chopard has always come up with a wide range of watches and updates in their styles and features according to needs of the day. The most decisive pro of the Chopard line-up is that they have watches for almost all types of parties and occasions. Some of the broader classifications are as follows:

Top Chopard Watch Models

The Chopard Elite Series

These are some of the most coveted timepieces available in the market today. With unmatched embroidery work along with smooth and unquenched curves these are made for the high and mighty of the society and will give anyone the boost in self confidence the moment they put these on.

Chopard Watch Models

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The occasional precious stones in this series are also a very important addition for those who enjoy them.

The Chopard L.U.C. Series

This series is more for those who are having high taste and who are looking to bringing class to the office. With a more austere setting in the girth of these pieces and more straight lines and less flamboyant curves these timepieces are a treat for the eyes in the office settings.

The Chopard Elite Series

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The colors range from serious dark to light transitions with matte finishing and beautiful leather straps or pure metal ones come together to give the impact one would expect from a brand of this level.

The Chopard Classic Racing Series

This series is a more relaxed series that is made for those who have a fondness for the outdoors. The added features often include solar/lunar calibrations along with millisecond deductions.

Chopard Classic Racing Series

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These although are for recreational purposes are in no way less favorable for their class. With serious metal work and sheen or matte finishing along with the solid embroidery that is Chopard’s signature these are apples that did not fall far from the tree.

The Chopard Ladies Collection

It is not possible for any respectable accessories company to not have a ladies section and Chopard is no exception. The Chopard Ladies Section is high on precious stones such as diamonds and pearls embedded into the metal itself as would be expected and is all the more exquisite for it.

The extrovert designs in this section are next to none as they exude the confidence that their owners would need them to show with free flowing curves and radiant colors adding rainbows to the mix.


It is not our place to judge a company that has been delivering priceless timepieces for the last century and a half with the same undiminished if not increased fervor as they had when they started.

They provide class pieces such as the Quattro collection as well as the Tourbilon series which mostly for the masses. Hence we can say that Chopard is a name that people can put their money on.