4 Clothes For Guys According To Their Body Types

4 Clothes For Guys According To Their Body Types

No matter what brand you wear or how much money you spend on your wardrobe, if you wear ill-fitted clothes all the charm is lost. Nothing can be a major fashion faux pas than wearing clothes that are too loose or tight.Men have now got really conscious of their looks. They would want to dress right and accessorize right.  They wouldn’t mind spending big bucks to get the trend right.With limited options available, men really can’t afford to be too fussy about the apparels they wear.  But that shouldn’t stop them to experiment.

If you are man who wants to dress well and but doesn’t know what suits you; or you are a woman who wants to gift your man, stylish piece of clothing but can’t decide what goes with his personality type?  With this article all your doubts would be put to rest.

Guide For Men Clothes By Body Shape

Clothing For Guys Who Are On Heavier Side

If you are on heavier side the first thing you could do is to avoid clothes that are too loose. Don’t feel be embarrassed to try various size L,XL,XXXL to zero-in your perfect size. Avoid baggy clothes at all costs. Do not wear big prints and horizontal stripes on your clothes.   Try including more of dark clothes in your wardrobe.Colors like blue, black etc have a slimming effect.

heavy wear

Trade your skinny jeans with a well cut trouser or with a low raise jeans, with either of the options you will be able to distract the onlooker from staring at your tummy.Double breasted suits, heavy fabrics, droopy shoulder tops are absolute No-No for body that is heavily built.

Clothing For Thin Body Type

If you are thin and long and no matter what you wear make you look like a cloth hanger, chances are you are repeating the mistake, what most people do: ill fitted clothes.In fact you should be really happy because fashion industry caters mostly to thin body-types. All you need to do is find a stylist who will stitch your clothes perfectly. You are free to wear horizontal stripes and you can carry of most colors provided you give ample attention to its fitting.

thin wear

You could also experiments with layers,like wearing a shirt over a t-shirt to give you that beefy look. Throw away those skinny jeans if at all you have that into your collection; unless of course you want people coming up and asking you if you are eating properly. Skinny jeans or leggings will make you look withered. Instead where trousers or jeans that are straight or boot cut.

Heavy fabrics, knitted cardigans and jackets that rest below hips are few items of clothing that would you can carry off easily.

Clothing For Short-Body Type

Another lot of guys who find it extremely difficult to dress themselves are ones who are short heighted. Fashion houses make clothes for men who are skinny and tall, leaving no or little choice to buy ready-made clothes. But if you are short, don’t despair there are few tricks by which you could look stylish with ease. Begin with wearing clothes with standing or vertical patterns they would give an illusion of you being tall.Try to dress up in one color that is if you are wearing a black shirt team it up with a black or dark gray trousers, contrasting colors don’t create a streamline look. Wearing shades of same family is still okay.

short body

Avoid clothes that draw attention to your limbs, for e.g. half sleeved shirt.Jackets should not be oversized and preferably a shade darker than the shirt. If you have penchant for ties or you are required to wear ties at office, choose ones that are narrow. If you are looking for a perfect look try shopping from the countries that are known to have average heights, like Australians are naturally huge and bulky while people from Japan are of short height; there you would get a good variety of clothing.  No you don’t have to travel all the way to Japan with internet everything is possible within comforts of your home.

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Clothes That Would Suit On Tall Guys

Hey Lanky, Hello Gulliver! Are these few names that people address you with? Or are you what is called in traditional manner as tall, dark and handsome guy? Do keep struggling to find clothes that look good on you; Clothes that highlight your positives and underplay your negatives. Chances are you will definitely benefit from this piece of article. Here are few tips on how to dress, if you are tall and look no less than a ramp model.


When it comes to trousers, key rule is no matter how long or short your legs are make sure the length of trouser is just right. The trouser shouldn’t be too tight,fabric that comes too close your body will give lengthy look espcially if you are slim, a little baggy is one thing you can still carry off. Straight cut pants, pleated trousers, trousers with dark colors feel free to choose any of them.

Same goes for shirts,while shopping for a shirt make sure that the shirt is of proper length, especially the arms.  Take help of the assistant who would help choose your shirt of proper length and width, look for the label that describes as tailored for tall men. You could pair a light colour shirt with dark trousers to show a good proportion. Horizontal stripes, checks on shirts distract from the length and focus on your overall physique.You could carry of most of the jackets types, especially if you are tall and slim.  However if your heavily built avoid double breasted jackets and stick to dark colors.

While styling any body type the only golden rule to remember is to wear clothes that fit you well. Whether you are long, short, heavy or on thinner side well fitted clothes will accentuate your looks, hiding your body flaws.Use these styling tips in your everyday life and see your confidence reaching a new high.