Cologne Dos And Donts

There is nothing more appealing than the sight and smell of a man who wears expensive and heavenly cologne. The exhilarating whiff of a macho, musky cologne can send most women swooning. The beauty of it is that men’s colognes are designed to appeal to the opposite sex so you really do not have to try too hard to smell good.

Buying good cologne is not rocket science. However, you can enhance your sex appeal with these basic pointers while choosing and buying colognes. Here are some cologne do’s and don’ts.

Cologne Dos And Donts

Cologne Dos And Donts

Test The Cologne On Your Skin

Every man is different and his body will emit different pheromones. This will ultimately determine how a cologne smells on him. A cologne that smells wondrous on one man may be quite strong or off putting on another. To be on the safer side, always test the cologne on your skin before buying. Most cologne companies will oblige you. Also, test for allergic reactions by waiting 24 hours before you buy a product. Even men can have hypoallergenic skin conditions.

Your Diet

Many men are unaware of the fact that their diet and digestive processes can heavily influence how cologne smells on them. Eating a diet that is rich in garlic or fried food can alter your body chemistry. The cologne that smelt ravishing on you yesterday can smell different on you today so make concerted efforts to watch what you eat. If you have an important evening ahead, stick to safer food options that will not interfere with the way a cologne smells on you.

Repeat Applications

Do not forget to dunk in a bottle of cologne spray in your briefcase if you are going to be out the whole day. This is because sweat and grime can evaporate the fragrance within a span of a few hours. Re-apply if necessary. It has also been seen that oily skins tend to retain colognes for a longer duration, which necessitates repeat applications if you have dry skin.

Cologne Dos And Donts

Perfume Your Body Immediately After A Hot Shower

A hot shower opens your pores and leaves your skin moist. Always apply cologne after a shower when there are maximum chances of the cologne seeping right into your skin. The fragrance will also last longer.

Do Not Go Over The Top

Less is always more when it comes to applying cologne. Just gently spray on your pulse points like your neck, wrists and behind the ears. Using half a bottle will not get you the results you want. It will just be a wastage of the cologne and the money well spent. Remember that women like the smell to be subtle, not overpowering. Nobody wants to be assaulted with an olfactory overdose.

Use Scented Soaps

Scented soaps are an inexpensive and effective way of smelling good. Just use strong, scented soaps during a shower, which will leave you smelling musky, clean and refreshing for a long time. They are also a safer ad less potent option compared to most cologne sprays. Do not forget to choose colognes from reputed brands only.

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