Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes Contact lenses are another of the innovative inventions of modern science that allows individuals to cure vision abnormalities without wearing specs or even change the eye color for style and disguise.

The lenses are getting popular both in the medical as well as cosmetic world. Colored contact lenses are the type of eye lenses that can change the pupil color of the eye.

They colored lenses are basically of two types- enhancement lenses and the opaque lenses. While enhancement lenses are used to enhance the color of light colored pupils, opaques are used for darker shades of the pupil.

Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

When choosing colored contact lenses for dark eyes, there are some important factors that are to be considered. These factors are-

Determine the Color of Your Eyes

This does not need explaining as the appropriate knowledge of your eye pupil will help in selecting a compatible color. You can take the help of a friend or go to an eye specialist and determine the actual color of your eyes.

How to Choose the Type of Lenses  

Typically, individuals with dark pupils will have to choose colored lenses that would have very small effect on the eye color. Here are two styles that can be considered for choosing colored contact lenses for dark eyes.

When looking to alter the color of the dark eye, a slender contact lens gets placed on the iris. Iris is the colored part of our eyes. This helps to mask the natural color of the eyes while allowing prominence to the new color.

This can be achieved by two different ways –by putting on opaque colored contact lenses or using enhancing tinted contact lenses. Depending on the kind of color expression that you are looking for, the style of using the colored lenses on darker eyes will depend.


Opaque colored contact lenses fit perfectly on the iris. They work to completely masquerade the natural color of the eye. These contact lenses remain colored throughout their body except at the center that remains clear. Thus when fitted over the iris, the pupil stays clear while the eye gets colored.

This allows normal vision through the uncolored central part of the lenses. Opaque lenses are best for people having dark eyes. This enables them to completely mask their eye colors.

The enhancement tints work well with light colored eyes as they enhance the original color of the iris instead of masking it completely. If dark eyed people are looking for very little changes in their eye color, then they can invest in enhancement tint lenses but with little or no drastic effect.

Precautions to Be Taken

Lastly, a medical guidance is always advised. Visit an eye specialist to ensure that your eye is healthy and fit to take on contact lenses. Using colored contact lenses on eyes with power will aggravate the problem.

Get the power of your eyes checked before planning to invest on colored contact lenses. Make sure that you wash the lenses in the solution provided, so that any foreign particles do not stick to them.

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