Common Causes For Erectile Dysfunction

Causes For Erectile Dysfunction Recent studies have concluded that on an annual basis, more than a million men from around the world suffer from erectile dysfunction.

And while there are many well known reasons for the issue, here are some rather surprising but very common reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. Believe me! You would not even have heard of some of these reasons till now!

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

The inability to have or maintain an erection can be termed as erectile dysfunction. More common in men above 75 years of age, the issue of late has become more prevalent in men in the age group of 30-50 years. And here are the reasons why.

Common Causes For Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and Hypertension

It has been found out that men who suffer from conditions like diabetes and hypertension would be more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction as well. In the case of diabetes, the poor regulation of blood sugar levels can have both temporary and permanent damaging effects on the blood vessels and nerves that carry blood to the penis and are responsible for erections.

The blood vessels and nerves in the penis transport more blood to the region in a very less amount of time during erections. Conditions like hypertension can damage these blood vessels and damage their elasticity in addition to restricting the proper flow of blood to the genital region, thereby causing erectile dysfunction.

It has also been found out that some medicines prescribed for hypertension and diabetes could actually cause erectile dysfunction as well. For instance, medications like diuretics and beta blockers have the potential to cause erectile dysfunction. And so, it is considered absolutely essential to discuss about the same with your doctor before being prescribed certain drugs to treat diabetes, hypertension and other related conditions.

Drugs for Hair Loss

Some medications prescribed for hair loss can cause erectile dysfunction. These medications contain constituents like dutasteride and finasteride which although help to reduce hair fall in men, trigger hormonal changes in the body which could potentially cause erectile dysfunction and loss of libido.

Drugs for Enlarged Prostate Gland

Certain medications that are used to treat enlarged prostate glands could also cause erectile dysfunction in men. These medications in addition to treating an enlarged prostate, reduce the production of the male sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone which is responsible for maintaining a normal sex drive.

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Chronic Gum Inflammation

Surprising but true! It has been found out that periodontitis can actually cause erectile dysfunction in men. And although the facts are obscure, the findings reported by the research indicate that unhealthy gums would signal an unhealthy body with irregular or poor blood flow. This irregularity could most possibly be experienced in other parts of the body, including the penis.

Periodontitis also signals weak heart and is considered as one of the more important symptoms for heart diseases. A weak heart would most surely signal a weak body (and most probably a weak penis).


Another startling fact indicates that long hours on the bicycle can also cause erectile dysfunction in men. Being seated on a bicycle for hours at a stretch can lead to the buildup of pressure in the nerves and blood vessels that are responsible for transporting blood to the penis. With time, this pressure can damage these nerves and blood vessels and possibly restrict the blood flow to the penis, thereby causing erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Factor

Another rather surprising revelation! It has been found out that many men tend to suffer from erectile dysfunction if they found their partners moving freely with other men, especially their friends.

Call it jealousy, envy or anger. But men whose girlfriends move freely with other men, often face erectile dysfunction owing to thoughts of insecurity, infidelity, and masculinity.

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