Common Causes Of Headache

main Causes Of Headache Headache is a common day to day problem and can result from various types of situations. When an individual experiences severe headache, it may become extremely difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Headaches are generally classified into primary and secondary.

While primary headaches may result from tension and migraine, secondary headaches may arise from brain strokes, injuries to the head, concussions, etc. However, it is important to identify the cause of headache in order to take appropriate remedial action. In case of severe and continuous headache, it is advisable to consult a doctor.

Common Causes Of Headache


Tension is one of the most important causes of headache. An individual may feel tensed on account of work pressure, family issues, health related issues, etc.  Nowadays, it is practically impossible for an individual to completely avoid situations which may give rise to tension.

Eye Sight Weakness

Weakness in the eye sight may result in a continuous headache. Headache resulting from eye sight weakness may not get detected immediately. However, one of the common signs of eye sight weakness is continuous headache in the forehead as well as on the sides of the head.

Lack of Proper Sleep

Lack of proper sleep is another cause of headache. It is necessary for every individual to take adequate sleep of at least seven to eight hours on a daily basis.

Causes Of Headache

Inadequate Diet

Improper or inadequate diet may result in formation of gas which increases the possibility of headache. Individuals who consume oily and spicy food on a regular basis may experience headache more frequently than individuals who avoid intake of such foods.

Skipping meals can be another reason for headache. Individuals who have a tendency of skipping lunch may experience headache more frequently.

Work Environment

One of the common causes of headache may be work load or work pressure that may be experienced by an individual in his/her job profile. Inability to handle multiple tasks at a time or negative criticism from the superior may result in mental pressure.

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Such a mental pressure can also result in headache. Headache can also result from inadequate lighting or room temperature at the work place.

Nowadays, most of the jobs involve sitting in front of computer/laptop for prolonged hours which may result in excessive strain on the eyes. Further, improper body postures can result in cervical headache.

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Blood Pressure

People suffering from high or low blood pressure may also experience headache. People who have a problem of high or low blood pressure should get their blood pressure levels checked when they experience continuous headache.

Headache causes

Negative Thinking

There are many people who have a habit of thinking too much even in relation to minor issues. Negative thinking increases the level of stress on human mind. Too much and continuous negative thinking can result in headache.

Excessive Smoking

Another cause of headache can be excessive smoking by an individual. Smoking may result in headaches for both the active smokers and passive smokers. Nicotine contained in cigarettes is generally considered as a main reason for causing headache.

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