Common Diseases That Affect Men

Men are usually prone to several diseases but certain common diseases can be enlisted along with causes and preventions to ensure a disease free life as much as possible. Common diseases that affect men usually stem from unhealthy lifestyle and lack of proper health care.

Therefore, with proper awareness and efforts you will be easily able to combat and prevent most of the common diseases that affect men. Some diseases may be only specific to the male organs while others can be due to modern lifestyle and mounting stress in life.

Some diseases are mainly due to bad habits and unhealthy lifestyle while some are due to a combination of lifestyle factors and family history. But there are effective and easy ways by which you can stay fit by avoiding the common diseases that affect men. Diseases affected by family history and lifestyle factors.

Different Disease That Affect Men

Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are rising with each passing day and the bad news is that nowadays even very young men are not spared from these deadly diseases. Unhealthy lifestyle, food habits and extreme stress may result in heart diseases among young and older men.

Common Diseases That Affect Men

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The arteries that are responsible to transport blood to and from the heart to various organs of the body stand the risk of getting narrow due to cholesterol deposits. Shortness of breath, chest pain, sweating, nausea and fatigue are some of the usual symptoms of cardiac diseases. If such symptoms are persistent then you should definitely go for a medical checkup.

Heart disease risk factors are unhealthy lifestyle, chronic stress, smoking, high cholesterol, family history and other diseases like diabetes. Lifestyle modifications, healthy diet, abstaining from bad habits, stress management, proper rest and sleep and avoiding excess oily or junk foods are some effective ways by which you can prevent heart diseases.


Cancer like heart disease has higher chances of affecting men who has this deadly disease in their family history. Stress is a major reason to trigger the growth of cancer cells while smoking is a major cause of lung cancer in men. Most young men who indulge in smoking to seek relief from stress or just for pleasure are at no less risk. Passive smoking is as dangerous as smoking. Chewing tobacco is another reason of oral and lung cancers.

Common Diseases That Affect Men

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Testicular cancer is found in some young men while cirrhosis of liver is common among alcoholics. Prostate cancer is usually found in older men along with rectal and colon cancers which are very common among men can be best combated by doing routine screening tests and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

High Blood Pressure And Stroke

Usually associated with older men nowadays deadly diseases like high blood pressure and stroke have been found to affect younger men as well to the point of being fatal. Again almost the same reasons account for these diseases like chronic stress, unhealthy lifestyle and family history.

High blood pressureor hypertension may create strain on the arteries transporting blood while stroke may happen due to similar reasons as heart disease by interrupting blood flow to the brain or rupturing of a blood vessel causing hemorrhage. Hypertension may often go unnoticed until it’s too late therefore making it mandatory to follow healthy lifestyle and do routine health checkups.


Common Diseases That Affect Men

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Risk of diabetes can stem from family history and or lifestyle factors. Diabetes is a dangerous disease in which insulin levels become abnormal leading to wide range of  negative effects on other important organs and the blood stream, thus resulting in multiple organ failure and diseases. Diabetes may cause heart attacks, kidney failures, strokes, blindness, limb amputations and nerve impairment. Both young and older men may get affected with diabetes.

Diseases Cause Mainly Due To Lifestyle Factors

Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

COPD is most common among smokers which affect the lungs badly causing emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The lung tissues get highly challenged by being exposed to the toxins transferred through smoking.

Common Diseases That Affect Men

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Shortness of breath, tightness in chest and wheezing are the common symptoms. The only way to prevent this disease is through complete abstinence from smoking.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)

Sexually transmitted diseases happen to men who live a reckless life and indulge in unsafe sex with multiple partners. Such diseases happen due to sheer negligence and substance abuse can also be responsible in inducing loss of logical judgment for which some men may resort to impulsive acts only to repent later on.

Preventing The Common Diseases That Affect Men

All the common diseases that affect men follow a common pattern which is unhealthy lifestyle. The most effective way to prevent these diseases is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Take balanced nutritious diet, avoid excess fat and junk foods, avoid excess alcohol and smoking completely, practice regular exercise and yoga to combat stress and extra weight gain, drink lot of water and take enough rest and sleep.