Common Symptoms Of Cellulitis

Cellulitis is an infection which affects the skin and causes complications. It is caused by the presence of certain types of bacteria in the body. Staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria can cause the development of such infections in the body. The skin of the person is affected in a negative way and a wide range of symptoms are noticed.

Cellulitis is extremely common among those who suffer from diabetes and it tends to affect the lower parts of the body more than the upper parts. Most cases of cellulitis can be resolved with the help of medication and rest.

Common Symptoms Of Cellulitis

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However, if such infections are neglected, they can cause the development of other major complications in various parts of the body. Certain severe cases of cellulitis have also resulted in the development of meningitis. This can even result in the death of the affected person. Cellulitis must therefore be carefully monitored and treated once its symptoms are noticed.

Common Symptoms Of Cellulitis

Swelling and inflammation On The Skin

Since cellulitis mostly affects the skin, the affected people notice a wide range of symptoms pertaining to the skin. The affected portion of the skin becomes very inflamed and red due to the presence of this infection. The skin pores become much larger than normal and the entire area becomes very sensitive to touch.

Even the slightest friction can cause tremendous pain for the patient. In some cases, small pimples develop which are filled with pus. This causes the area to become extremely sensitive and painful. Lesions often appear which look like fine lines running across the skin. The affected area might also burn when touched.

Symptoms Concerning The Eyes

Cellulitis can affect the eyes as well. In such cases, the appearance of fine red marks around the eyes can be observed. The person then complains of suffering from blurred vision and pain around the affected eye.

Headaches and giddiness are also common symptoms at this stage. Such cases must not be neglected under any circumstances. This shows that the infection is making its way to the brain of the person. If neglected, meningitis could occur and this could even be fatal for the person.

Pain in the Effected Area

This symptom occurs irrespective of where the infection is present. The affected area throbs on a regular basis and this pain can be quite aggravating for the patient.

Common Symptoms Of Cellulitis

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If the foot of the person is affected, such a person might find it very difficult to walk around due to the presence of severe pain. Adequate rest and prompt treatment is needed in order to deal with this condition.

Fever and Body Ache

Such symptoms occur when the body is trying to get rid of an infection. Low-grade fever is noticed in almost all the cases of cellulitis. This weakens the patient and causes the feeling of lethargy.

Body ache is another common symptom which is closely associated with the symptom of fever. If cellulitis has affected the upper part of the body, giddiness can also occur and this prevents the person from moving around freely.