Common Symptoms Of Dairy Allergy

According to health experts, the most common kind of allergy that is experienced by people is an allergy to dairy products. Most people assume that only the milk derived from the cow results in allergic symptoms.

However, this is not true as even the milk derived from buffalos, goats as well as sheep can trigger similar allergic symptoms. In many cases, the allergic symptoms begin to fade away by the time the child is 3 years of age. However, there are several cases in which the symptoms of dairy allergy occur in adulthood as well.

Dairy allergy is known to affect the digestive system of the body as a result of the inability of the person’s body to digest the lactose present in dairy products. There are several symptoms associated with Dairy allergy and given below are some of them.

Common Symptoms Of Dairy Allergy


Hives is regarded as one of the most common symptoms that are associated with the ingestion of dairy products. Health professionals have stated that individuals may begin to develop hives on the skin immediately after consuming dairy products.

 Symptoms Of Dairy Allergy

In some cases, it can take several minutes for the hives to develop on the surface of the skin. The hives cause the skin to appear red in colour in addition to being itchy and dry.


Asthma is another common symptom that is experienced as a result of ingesting dairy products. Allergic asthma is known to occur as a result of the swelling of the bronchial tube, which is caused by the secretion of histamine as well as other chemicals in the blood.

Dairy Allergy signs

Initially the person may begin to experience wheezing, along with difficulty in breathing and tightening of the chest.

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Allergic Rhinitis is also a symptom that is caused by the ingestion of dairy products. This condition is also known as hay fever and affects the throat, eyes, ears as well as sinuses.

Common Symptoms Of Dairy Allergy

The symptoms that are associated with hay fever are sore throat, watery eyes, clogged ears and sneezing.


Anaphylaxis is a symptom that is associated with dairy allergy and is considered to be dangerous if it is not treated in time. However, it has been observed that the occurrence of this symptom is rare.

The symptoms that are associated with anaphylaxis include difficulty in breathing due to the inflammation in the throat, sudden drop in the blood pressure as well as speeding up of the pulse, causing the person to lose their consciousness.

signs of Dairy Allergy

These symptoms are known to occur immediately after ingesting products that contain milk. If you begin to develop these symptoms of anaphylaxis, it is important that you seek medical help immediately.

Abdominal Symptoms

Vomiting is known to be one of the most common symptoms caused by consuming dairy products. Vomiting is the way by which the body can get rid of the dairy product immediately.

dentify Dairy Allergy

In several cases, the person may also experience diarrhoea that is accompanied with the stools that contain blood. Abdominal cramps may also occur due to the consumption of dairy products.