Control Acne With A Healthy Diet

Acne is a common skin condition which causes inflammation or formation of blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. They are cause of severe distress among youngsters and happen mostly in them unless your skin is prone to allergies. Acne is not fatal and also does not require medical attention till it causes the skin to burst open and vulnerable to infections.

It is easy to locate acne and mostly any normal skin irritation can be related to it. The main cause of acne is hormonal changes and that is why the bodies and faces of teenagers can be seen covered with zits which they are quite upset with. That mostly happens with the onset of puberty in them when the hormonal activity is at peak in their bodies.

Control Acne With A Healthy Diet

Acne can also affect people of other ages and the factors behind it include menstruation, consumption of certain drugs like steroids and stress. Extreme climate conditions and use of allergic cosmetic products are also considered as its cause. With all of these, acne is a result of unhealthy living and eating habits too and to avoid it, you can make certain changes in your diet as mentioned below for a clean inflammation free skin.

Tips To Control Acne With A Healthy Diet

Fiber Rich Food

To keep your digestive tract clear and free from toxins, you should consume foods that are rich in fiber content. This includes all the vegetables, most fruits and whole grain products.

Vegetables are rich source of fiber and eating them in appropriate proportions also regularly supplements your body with essential vitamins, minerals and other dietary requirements.

Fruits like oranges, pineapple are also full of fiber and help in digestion. Fiber is indispensable for regular bowel movementsas well and therefore its absence does not help in removing of waste and toxic substances which show up on the skin.

Water and Juices

If you do not enjoy eating fruits then go for fresh juices which stabilize the metabolism and also increase your resistance towards infections and inflammations. This reduces the risk of acne and formation of pimples and blackheads on the epidermis.

Lemon Myrtle

With this, make it a die-hard habit of consuming as much water as you can every day so that if it can remove water soluble toxins without any delay. The cleaner your system would be from toxins, the clearer your blood and hence the skin would be.

Food To Avoid

Reduce consumption of junk food as they do not fulfill any nutritional requirements and also constipate your digestive system. Avoid oily, greasy food because of their high fat content which the body finds difficult to process. Intake of caffeine and alcohol, though hard to resist for many, should be done in moderation as it creates many complications in the system.

Food To Avoid during acne

Sugar level of the food items you consume should be monitored as the higher the sugar content in the food consumed, the higher the amount of insulin which is needed to process it, and this in turn can cause hormonal imbalance. With this, do not indulge in drugs and cigarettes which cause no good to your body but make it prone to various ailments and infections.