Correctly Read A Women’s Body Language For Flirting

Read A Women's Body Language For Flirting Men as a species are inept at reading body language especially minor, subtle cues which are crucial in the dating and attraction game. They often misread warmth and smiling as sexual responsiveness and can get rebuffed in the process.

Disparity Between Men and Women

Most women see such men as a ‘turn-off’. Men make clumsy passes and may end up losing the woman they wish to persue. However, by correctly interpreting the visual and verbal cues sent out by women, they can increase their chances of togetherness with a potential mate.

The  Process Of Attraction

Human courtship follows a predictable pattern that the average man goes through when he sees an attractive woman.

Eye Contact

A woman looks across at a man in the room to invite his attention. Once he notices her she looks at him for three seconds then turns away. He keeps watching her to see if she does it again. On an average if a woman does this three to four times it means she is interested. This is the start of the flirting process.


A woman may or may not give a fleeting half smile with an eager look to indicate that she wishes to be approached. A smart man takes the cue and approaches the woman. However, tonnes of men remain unresponsive leaving the woman feeling that he is not interested in her.


This common behaviour is seen in both men and women. The woman may turn her legs towards the man, exposing her ankles, lick her lips, play and groom her hair or straighten her jewellery and clothing. The man in turn stands up ramrod straight, adjusts his tie, expands his chest, touches his hair and tucks his shirt subtly into his belt. This is a cue that an interaction is likely to happen.


If the man is smart he may approach the woman and introduce himself or simply say something to break the ice.


During the conversation, if the woman is genuinely interested she may respond by frequently and briefly touching the man’s hand. The man may wait to confirm this by counting the number of times it is happening. Frequent contact may indicate a need of greater intimacy. If the woman touches the man’s shoulder it may reflect her concern for the man.

These five stages are critical in flirting or starting a new relationship with a woman. It is important that men learn to understand and recognize these cues if they want to nurture a new relationship with a woman.

Women also give some of the most common female courtship gestures to show that they are attracted or may even be interested in a sexual relationship with a man. It is said that women are more sexually aroused at peak ovulation time, somewhere in the middle of their menstruation cycles.

During this time they are prone to wearing short, revealing dresses and stilletoes to sub-consciously attract male attention. During this time they give out these commonly seen courtship gestures to indicate that they are interested.

The head Toss or Flicking of Hair

She may toss her head back in a brazen, confident manner or touch her hair and flick them back to show  a man that she is deeply interested in him . This shows that she is interested in her appearance and how she looks to him. A more brazen, sexual gesture is exposing her armpits.

Wet Lips and Pouting

A woman’s face is largely cherubic and heart shaped and can be made quite appealing. It gives the impression of being fuller, especially the lips which have indicated sexuality since time immemorial. A pout is extremely sought after in today’s day and age and several women go under the knife or have collagen injected to give a prominent pout to their lips.

This can also be enhanced with make-up. A pouty, glossy appearance of lips is extremely appealing to men and indicates high fertility in the woman. When a woman becomes aroused her lips become redder which is why the colour red used in lipsticks depicts sexuality.

how to Read A Women's Body Language For Flirting

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Self- Touching

Women who want to be courted sexually may resort to increased self touching. So a woman may slowly and sensuously touch her hands, wrists, thighs or neck telling her man that if he is lucky, this is the way she would like to be touched. It also helps her fantasize on how it would feel to be touched in this manner.

A Limp Wrist

Sitting or standing with your hand pointed down or a limp wrist is suggestive of submission. It sends out a clear signal to the man that she is willing to submit to the man. If the man reads this correctly he gets the message of being able to exercise dominance on the woman.

Fondling an Object

In a social setting if a woman sensuously rolls her fingers up and down on a glass or a tumbler, it  means that she is trying to attract a man. She can also do this with a dangling earring. She may also repeatedly take off or put on a ring. To a man this is symbolic of a woman wanting physical contact.

Exposed Wrists

The woman may choose to expose her wrists. Not only are these perfume points but are also considered highly erogenous as they are soft and have delicate skin.

Glancing Over the Shoulder

The woman may glance meekly with partially closed eye lids over her shoulder at the man to tell him that she is interested. She may look and then quickly turn away. This produces an action of peeping.

Rolling Hips

Rolling their hips similar to a catwalk can be a highly sexual signal. Women’s hips and buttocks have been a focal point of attention and can grab eye balls by the dozen. So this is a very overt sexual signal.

The pelvic tilt while standing can also depict sexuality. This is especially true for women with hour glass bodies as the tilt produces a definitive curve in their bodies. The more pronounced the curve the more attracted the man will be. Despite the emphasis on thin bodies men still prefer curvy women.

Handbag Proximity

The proximity of a woman’s handbag to her man indicates if she is interested in him. If she allows it to be next to him or even allows him to go through its contents, she may be greatly interested.  This is because hand bags are very personal items with a treasure trove of unknown secrets and women are known to guard them quite possessively.

Leg Language

Pointing one’s shoes or knees towards a man also indicate that a woman is interested. The leg twine (one leg over the other) when done seductively is also very appealing to men.

The reality is that if you want to get to know a woman you first need to be an expert at reading covert and overt body language cues. A success on this front can lead you to greater heights of intimacy.

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