Creative Home Exercises For Weight Loss

Starting an exercise regime is not as hard as sticking to one. True indeed! For many individuals who start out with a zest to lose weight end up throwing in the towel after only a week or so. And even though there may be many reasons for their disinterest, one of the main issues tend to be lack of creativity in the regime that they follow on a regular basis.

Face it! Would you like to keep on repeating the same exercises every day? Won’t it be quite boring to continue with the same old routines again and again until you get so fed up of them that you just quit?

That is why fitness trainers emphasise on the importance of introducing creativity into an otherwise routine exercise regime. And here are some new and completely radical routines that can make exercising all the more enjoyable every day. These fitness routines will remove those extra kilos from your body; and you won’t feel the brunt of working out at all.

Home Exercises For Weight Loss

The New Thera Band

Bored of rolling around on a giant ball all day? Or tired of pulling all those resistance weights in order to strengthen your muscles? Then opt for Terra Bands. These fitness gizmos are similar to your resistance bands; but are more versatile than the latter.

These bands are made of a special material called synthetic elastomer and are very portable, which means they can be stored and carried around easily. An anytime, anywhere product that would help you work out on those muscles whenever you please!

Piloxing: A Reincarnation Of Pilates

Of course we all know the different types of Pilates exercises present today, including the more famous aqualate (Pilates combined with swimming), yoagalate (Pilates with yoga) and spinnalates (Pilates with Spinning).

However, the newest type to join the block is called piloxing and combines; you guessed it, Pilates and Boxing. Requiring the use of special gloves, piloxing involves delivering some power packed punches, while matching the graceful movements required in Pilates.

So if you are tired of either Pilates, or boxing or any other exercise for that matter, try Piloxing to shed some kilos fast. You can also tone your arms faster with this exercise.

Water Jogging

If regular walking and jogging are hurting your joints, why not opt for Water Jogging; a simple water exercise that would enable you to accomplish the same effect as jogging without causing any harm to the joints in the body?

The gravity free environment coupled with the resistance provided by water helps you to get fit pretty quickly by staying as cool as you possibly can in the process. And even though it may take some time to get used to, once you master the art of aqua running, mark my words you would absolutely love it.

Do The Zumba

If dancing has always been your passion and you seem to have lost touch after settling down in life, then here is the perfect chance for you to revive your passion and become as fit as a fiddle in the process.

Called the Zumba, this traditional Latin American Dance is characterised by unique drum beats and a suitable blend of different dance styles, including flamenco, salsa, tango, and merengue etc. An hour of Zumba can help you lose up to 800 calories; and can help you shed plenty of kilos around the hips, abs and thighs.

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