DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 Review

Porsche Cayman finally receives some tuning from Delavilla – a French tuning company – and looks great. In addition to the Porsche Cayman R1, Delavilla also tuned certain 911 series cars and the Delavilla Porsche Cayman R1 made its first appearance in the 2011 Lyon Motor Show.

The work of the French tuner will also bring the not-so-popular Porsche Cayman R1 to limelight. Let’s have a look at the makeover of Cayman R1 by Delavilla.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 Features


The grand makeover is definitely prominent on the exterior of Cayman R1 but Delavilla has put in equal effort in upgrading the performance of the machine. Porsche Cayman R1 now sports a wide carbon-fiber body kit that is sure to turn heads. The carbon fiber body will substantially reduce the weight of the car.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1

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With revamped front as well as rear bumpers and side panels and all new fenders, the Porsche Cayman R1 has become something more than just a sports car. The side panels resemble those of Carrera GT and have air inlets so as to cool down internal mechanics. Addition of fatter bumpers and wider wheel wells have widened the front by 4.7 inches and the rear side by 7.1 inches.

Now that the Delavilla Porsche Cayman R1 has a much wider rear in comparison to the factory form, Delavilla has also added wide alloy wheels painted in the same color as that of the car’s body. 4 vertical exhaust pipes are housed by the rear side of the car. Delavilla has also installed LED lights that run during daytime to keep up with most recent models.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 Review

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Bespoke quad-tail pipes and multi-spoke wheels will add the much-needed punch to Porsche Cayman R1 ride. It also sports 34 additional options that include all new fog lights, transparent engine cover and front lip spoiler.


Delavilla has warmed up the interior of Porsche Cayman R1 by adding two sport bucket seats. Besides this, the tuned Porsche Cayman R1 sports Alcantara trim on steering wheel as well as the gear lever.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 features

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Delavilla has also added scissor-style doors. Also, the new finger print recognition feature allows the user to see through the car’s engine cover.

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Delavilla has seriously upgraded the Porsche Cayman R1 on the power front. By offering 3 power kits, Delavilla has turned the Porsche Cayman R1 into a sports car that every enthusiast will love.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 price

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These power kits will increase the power output (330hp) of the 3.4L engine to any of these figures – 340 hp, 385 hp or 420 hp. Those who intend to use their Cayman R1 on a race track should go for the 420hp option.

Other Works

Delavilla has also taken up the project of tuning the Panamera sedan, the Cayenne and the Speedster. However, the release date of these tuned machines has not been officially announced.

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 Price

DelaVilla Porsche Cayman R1 price from $59,900 – $72,100.


The French-German connection has surely added a spark to the already elegant Porsche Cayman. If Porsche Cayman is tagged as the ‘best’ car to roll out of the city of Stuttgart, Delavilla Porsche Cayman R1 will only add another four stars to this tag.

The Porsche Cayman R1 is sure to attract a lot of buyers especially those who love speed and style. Besides, the Cayman R1 enters the race of those luxury cars that has been made for chosen few.