Designer Men’s Coat Ideas

coat ideas for men There’s nothing as comfortable as wearing a cozy and luxurious coat in a chilly and harsh winter climate. Coats are worn to render warmth and they also deliver a style statement. With the global warming issue worsening everyday, one needs to have a good quality coat to protect them from the unforgiving, cold climatic conditions.Some winter coats have inspirational patterns and they quickly become big sellers.

Different Coat Styles

The Parka

Often regarded as a thick winter coat, its usual length varies from waist line to hip-high. Parka is a sporty coat, accompanied by a hood. This hood can be lined with either natural or synthetic fur. It prevents the cold wind from blowing into the ears and the face.

the parka

Such kinds of coats are normally worn by winter sports aficionados. Most parkas’ have deep pockets which keeps the hands warm. You can also buy handmade Parka coats. They have distinctive detailing, unique design and brilliant textures.

The Wrap

A wrap coat is a favorite among women with large bodies. A perfect evening wear, these coats make ladies look extremely charismatic and appealing. Normally, the wrap coat is clinched around the waist and has a length that touching the feet. This allows their figure to be besieged. Now, there are various types and styles of online wrap coats to choose from.

Boyfriend Blazer

This one piece gorgeous coat looks casual, yet classy! It goes wonderfully well with a tunic top or a mini dress. This oversized blazer is an eye catcher and it can be worn by women of all shapes and ages.

the blazer

This lively coat resembles a masculine touch in women’s fashions. Many fashionistas and Hollywood stars have been seen sporting this magnificent coat.

Caring For Different Types Of Coats

Fur Coats

Designer fur coats are classy and valuable and they should always be stored in a well maintained fur storage center. Keeping these at home require utmost attention and care. Low humidity and low temperature are the two prime enemies of your fur coat. Too much of air-conditioning can cause additional humidity, which can harm the fur coat. Humidity can also make the fur to come out.

Synthetic Leather and Suede Coats

suede coat While cleaning such kind of coats, ensure that you follow precise instructions given by the manufacturers. Rayon, sometimes a key component of these synthetic leather coats grow smaller in size and loses the color, if the coats are not looked after properly. Give such coats to a professional dry cleaner only.

Wool Coats

If the wool coat is kept for long, dust and moth eggs accumulate over it. Brush with a natural bristle brush to remove all these. Try to wash these coats, by keeping them spot clean, as frequently as possible. If the need arises, take the coat to the dry cleaner, once a year. Store it in a porous garment bag. Pests can damage your lovely coat to no end. Hang the woolen coat in a cedar coat hanger.