Difference between Love And Infatuation

Love is a voluminous term; love is present all around us which we may not always realize or fail to appreciate. Love is a powerful emotion that is present in our lives in various forms and becomes a driving force for our existence. Love between human beings in the form of various relations we share with our loved ones makes us feel cherished and important.

Loving the self is very important but not to the point of becoming narcissistic. When we love the self very much we crave for selfish motives while loving the self very less causes negative impacts by making us lose self esteem and losing out in life.

Love And Infatuation Debate

The debate continues to ascertain the difference between love and infatuation as there is a fine blurred line and confusing emotions which seem similar or overlapping with each other.

Difference between Love And Infatuation

Since ages teenagers and adults alike have questioned the differences between love and infatuation to ascertain if the strong feelings they feel romantically towards another individual of the opposite sex is out of true love that stays forever or just a passing infatuation that is temporary. The confusion may be steered clear if we gain a deeper understanding of love and infatuation along with the basic differences that separate both the seemingly alike emotions.

Understanding Love And Infatuation

Patience And Understanding

Patience and understanding form the basic crux of true love. If you get impatient and you are unable to understand the problems of your partner then may be your emotions are just a passing infatuation.

Compassion And Care

Love is kind, compassionate and caring. If you are truly in love you will love making your partner happy and putting his or her interest before yours. But infatuation doesn’t allow you to become so happily giving up your own motives in front of your partner.

No Jealousy And No Bragging

Difference between Love And Infatuation

In true love you don’t have to be jealous or even brag about yourself to become impressive as winning or losing doesn’t count here. You are simply happy that you love someone whether or not you get back love from the same person. But in infatuation you may feel insecure and a need to remain impressive to your partner. If your partner loves you truly you can be just yourself and yet be showered with love.

Humility, Perseverance And Forgiving

Love is humility, perseverance and forgiving and much more. If you are arrogant and feel you have done a great favor by loving your partner then obviously you are simply infatuated and not in love. Love doesn’t give up on the loved one irrespective of being loved back or not. In infatuation more than loving you will seek pleasure and reciprocation. Love can forgive easily while in infatuation you won’t be able to forgive any kind of bitterness that might have happened.

Differentiating Love From Infatuation

It’s not that love can’t happen at first sight but love is not restricted to a single emotion. When true love happens a deep friendship develops alongside. You live life fully and don’t give up other activities or relationships. But when you feel impatient, restless and can’t concentrate in anything else then please understand that you are simply infatuated. Love stays forever but infatuation can never last long enough.