Different Home Exercises For The Stomach

Home Exercises For The Stomach In this era of rat race, people do not get much time for exercise and have started neglecting the most precious treasure, their own health. So, how to get rid of those flabs on your stomach and have a nice and attractive figure?

Here in this article I would like to discuss about some very effective exercises for your stomach which you can perform every day from the very comfort of your home.

Different Home Exercises For The Stomach

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle exercise is one of the most effective exercises for your stomach as this exercise targets on to the “rectus abdominis” and the “oblique” muscles of your stomach. To perform the bicycle exercise at home all you need to do is to lie down face up on your mat on the floor and place your hands straight on both the sides of your body.

Home Exercises For The Stomach

Now bring your knees closer to your chest and lift both your shoulders, but do not lift your neck. Now you just have to start moving both your legs up and down in the motion as in cycling.

Do keep it in mind to first move your leg straight up and then straight down and keep on repeating this cycling motion with both your legs for 5-10 minutes and then start moving your legs in the reverse cycling manner. Continue doing this for another 5-10 minutes. After doing this just lie down on your mat by simply straightening your legs on the mat and relax.

Vertical Leg Crunch Exercise

The vertical leg crunch is yet another very effective exercise for your “rectus abdominis” and the “oblique” region of your stomach. To do this exercise, you need to lie down on the floor face up and place both the palms of your hand behind your head for support and start slowly moving your legs up in the air and cross your knees.

Home Exercises For The Stomach

Now, slowly start contracting your abdomen and lift your shoulders as to try and reach for your legs with your chest. While doing this movement, try and pull back your belly button or navel towards your spinal cord now slowly get your chest down and repeat the same steps again 12 to 15 times.

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Arm Crunch Exercise

The Arm Crunch exercise is considered to be one of the most effective exercises to have a nice stomach. This exercise put more challenge and stretch on to your stomach. This arm crunch exercise puts great emphasis on both your upper and lower abdominal areas. To do this exercise correctly you need to lie down face up on the mat on the floor.

Home Exercises For The Stomach

Now slowly extend your both arms straight behind your hand and clasp both the palms, remember to keep both your arms close to your ears while starching the arms.

Now, slowly start bending both your knees towards your chest. After bending the knees, gently start contracting your stomach inside and start lifting your shoulder slowly keeping both your arms stretched upwards. Now come to normal lie down position and repeat the same steps mentioned 12-15 times.