Different Kinds Of Bags For Men

Carrying a bag is no more a woman’s domain. Today bags are a part of men’s accessories as well. Young boys and men like to carry a trendy bag that adds to their style. It also serves a purpose of keeping your knick knacks like sun glasses, mobile, folders and files etc. in one place. Bags for men come in different styles to suit the need of an individual.

Types Of Men’s Bags


Briefcase is the most obvious choice for an executive or a businessman. It is used to hold important documents, files and folders. Briefcase is mostly made of leather or faux leather. It adds a touch of class to the bearer and is carried with formal and work attire.

 Different Kinds Of Bags For Men

A briefcase is designed to look like a box but now it has acquired a more curvy and smart look. It has many compartments to help you keep your things in a more organized manner.

Messenger Bag

As the name implies, traditionally a messenger bag is carried by messenger or courier boys. It comes with a long strap that is slung over the shoulder and across the chest to hold the bag in place. These days young men prefer to carry a messenger bag while travelling to their college, office or while going on field work. This way they have their hands free to drive a cycle, motorbike or scooter.


Backpacks are carried on the back and are frequently used while trekking or travelling. They have evolved to suit the requirements of a modern man.

Different Kinds Of Bags For Men

Backpack come with different compartments and pockets to hold your clothes, e books, laptop, water bottles and snacks. You can keep all the things neatly in one bag and travel light.


Holdall is a large bag that is suitable for long holidays. It is a stylish and modern travel bag for men. As the name suggests it holds everything that you need for a holiday. You can easily carry a holdall with your cabin luggage while travelling by air, instead of getting it booked in the cargo to save time. Holdall has two sturdy straps and one long strap so that you can carry it on your shoulder or hold it with your hands.

Waist Bag

Different Kinds Of Bags For Men

Waist bag is worn around the waist and it is a very practical piece of a bag. You can keep your most important documents like your passport, credit cards, driving license etc. in your waist bag while travelling and need not worry about losing them.


Satchel is a modified briefcase. It comes with a long strap so that you can carry it on your shoulder unlike briefcase. Satchels are very smart and trendy kind of bags for men. They make a style statement and they come in different types of materials.

Duffel Bag

Duffle bag is usually made with canvas and waterproof material. They are mostly used by sportsmen to keep their sports equipment. Duffel bags also serve the purpose of a travel bag as it is light weight and it comes in trendy colours.