Different Polo Shirts For Men

Different Polo Shirts For Men Polo is a type of casual shirt that any man would love to have in his wardrobe. Though they emerged in the 60’s, polo shirts are still rocking the market as one of the most popular and smart casual wear. Designed by Rene Lacoste, a classy and evergreen men’s wear that is bit a shirt and bit a T shirt. It was created as sports-wear for the sports like polo or golf, but gradually it is accepted as daily wear by the youth of Britain.

Either going to a short trip or hanging out with friends or a night out in a pub, polo rocks everywhere. It comes in different style and colour you may choose the right one for you according to the occasion and your body structure.

You can experiment with the ways of wearing polo differently at different times which will explore a new dimension of your personality. To turn out the best in you in a polo shirt, we are giving you some tips let’s check out;

Tips On Choosing Polo Shirts

Selecting Colour

Polo comes in a variety of colours, though it was created with stripes. But now from light colour like orange or yellow to solid colours like argyle you can have any single colour of your choice according to the place and time.

You may go with peppy colour for casual Friday in office or to flaunt you sexy tan skin you may take the advantage of light colour like pink or orange. But if are going to layer with other outfit then go for pattern in neutral colour it will balance the two.

Check Fitting

Fitting is an important part of any kind of wear, so you need to check fitting of the polo shirt before you get in. Your fitting not only flaunt your physical structure but also narrate story of the place where you are heading to. A tight fitting polo shirt is a great idea for a night out in a club or pub.

Polo Shirts For Men

While medium fitting polo shirt carry an office or meeting look , on the other hand for a short trip or playing golf or any sports match what can be better than a loose fitting polo shirt. Often the fitting of a polo shirt depends on the body structure of a person but usually medium fit polo shirts prefer by most men as it fits the general people body structure.

Different Layering

You can play with polo shirts differently with adding layers by different outfit which will explore a new aspect of your personality. For a traditional look, wear a polo shirt under a heavy sweater.

To get the look of a cool and funky dude you may put on a light jacket over it or to look different you may experiment with wearing two polos, two colours will give you an unique and fresh look, for example light pink with a green polo will bring a breath of fresh air. Again light blue and dark blue polo will give a sophisticated and elegant look.

Few More Tips

• You can make it casual every day wear on summer time by putting on with shorts. To coolen the hot summer days it’s a great idea to go along with the prints, printed shorts can be a good combo with polos.
• A neutral shade of polo shirt too can be team up with shorts.
• For a cool casual look, a blazer with the polo can give you a trendy fashionable look either you can match or contrast it.
• For footwear you can have plenty of options but a pair of loafer will make you rock, apart from this buck or simple trainer shoe will go well with polos.

Top 5 Polo Shirts Everyman’s Dream

Apart from the above tips we are giving you the complete information about the top 5 polo shirts ever in quality and style, so you don’t get confuse next time when you will go to purchase a polo shirt.

Classic Fit Mess Polo

This classy and evergreen polo shirt designed by Ralph Lauren. It is made of heavy cotton and comes in different style, colours and size. Though made heavier still you can relax putting on it, as it made keeping in mind your comfort level.

Top 5 Polo Shirts Everyman’s Dream

The ribbed collars and two buttons flap, this polo shirt is preferable to any occasion. Though appear classy but you can use it as casual wears too. You can bring this polo shirt at the price around $75.

Classic Fit Bar Stripes

Designed by Ralph Lauren, this polo shirt is one of the most popular casual wear. This shirt gives a winner and powerful look when you wear it and draw people attention towards you. Though this shirt is made of heavier cotton still it makes you comfortable even in summer days. It goes well with a pair of grey or khaki pants. This polo shirts costs around $75.

Abercrombie and Fitch Deer Brook Polo

This shirt is present the vintage style and serves to the men with curves and cuts. It has the collection of 20 different colours and 5 different sizes, you may have plenty of option to choose from, according to your own choice. This shirt is available at around $60.

Under Armour Performance Stripe

This polo shirt is unique and quite different from other polos in build and pattern. This shirt is made of Polyester build which enable you to feel comfortable in this, it let your skin can breath properly.

Polo Shirts

It’s HeatGear fabric makes you easy and cool even in scorching summer days. Its UPF30+ is an another feature that doubles as nice looking casual shirt and you can rule the town wearing it. This shirt is available at around $54.99 .

Vintage Fit Eagle Pique Polo

This polo shirt gives a vintage picture with the American Eagle. This shirt is not only serves a great quality but also less costly comparing the other polo shirts. It has the colour range of 15 exotic colours and strengthen side vent and neck area to avoid tearing and damaging. This shirt is available at around $25.