Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

Burgundy wine is made in the eastern France. Most of the famous wines are produced in this region. This type of wine has higher AOC (appellations origine controlee). Burgundy AOC is harvested from grand cru vineyards. Burgundy is made from point Noir grapes and white wines are made from Chardonnay grapes.

Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

Both red and white wines can also be made from different variety of grapes. These grapes grow in hilly regions, providing some rain and weather shelter. Vineyards should be most exposed to sunshine and must have the best drainage. The region which produces these types of wines are terroir- oriented. These wines are classified as Premier Cru, regional appellations, village appellations and Grand Crus.

Different Kinds Of Burgundy Wine

Premier Cru

These wines are produced from high quality vineyards. It makes up to 12% of the production. It should be stored for more than three to five years for a good taste and quality.

Grand Cru

Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

It is defined by AOC laws. It contributes to about 2% production. This type of wine should be aged for five to seven years. It is produced from the small number of vineyard sites.

Regional appellation

They help in the production of sparkling wines and rose wines. They also produce grapes other than Piont Noir.

Village Appellation

Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

They are produced from the unclassified vineyard. These types of wines can make up to 36% of production. There are different types of Burgunday wines available in different areas and they are:


This area produces only white wines. They are acidic, dry and crisp. Stainless steel tanks are used for fermentation. Chablis is found in the northernmost section of Burgundy .

Cote Chalonnais

Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

Rully and Mercurey are the two important names to be known in this area. They produce good value red and white wines.


This is present in southernmost part of Burgundy produces fruity red wines. They are made from gamay grape.


It produces light, good white wines. Its most famous name is Pouilly-fuisse.

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Cote D’or

It is the core part of Burgundy which produces most of the Burgundy wine types. Finest red and white wines are made here. Oak barrels are used for ageing and fermentation. Burgundy wine has many health benefits among the other wines. It is considered as one of the best drinks.

Different Types Of Burgundy Wine

The health benefits of Burgundy are:

It is a natural wine extracted from grape, with the help of amazing healthy fruits.
Burgundy wines are free from sugar.
They do not posses any artificial coloring.
Caffeine, harmful product is not found in this wine.
Carbonated properties are also restricted in Burgundy wines.
Helps in maintaining good blood circulation
Keeps people young in their appearance
Grape seeds contain antioxidants which are very essential for the human body.

Burgundy wines come from five regions around it. These regions have special soil properties and micro-weathers that affect the flavor and quality of the grapes used for wine-making. These often produce many characteristics for both the red and white Burgundy wine basics. One glass of Burgundy wine a day helps people to stay away from diseases and to stay young and energetic. Make the best out of all the advantages from Burgundy wine to be healthy and live a long and happy life with the help of its health benefits.