5 Different Types Of Button Down Shirts

5 Different Types Of Button Down Shirts

Men have varied types of button down shirts to choose from. These shirts are used in both formal and informal occasions and different materials are used to make the shirts.

The colors of these buttons down shirts are no longer limited to the usual blues and blacks. Reds, yellows, pinks and other varied patterns are available in these shirts.

What are Button Down Shirts?

Button down shirts are men’s shirts that have their front open and lined with buttons for attachment. Since the buttons of the shirt, remain arranged in a series starting from the collar to the edge of the shirt, therefore the name ‘button down’.

Different Types of Button Down Shirts

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are the costliest of the button down shirts. These are generally worn under jackets and suits in formal occasions. A neck tie is an integrated accessory of a dress shirt.  The shirts are made of the best material and are lightweight.

Button Down Dress  Shirts

The design is kept lustrous with crisp lines.  These shirts are usually long sleeved and have the usual button down collar arrangement. The shirts are made with body fitting measurements. They are available in various styles and colors. The latest innovation in dress shirts for men, are available with embroideries too.

Casual Shirts

Casual shirts are available in both short and long sleeves. They differ from the more formal dress shirts in being loose fitted. Most of the companies and corporate houses use these shirts as office uniforms.

Casual Shirts

The choices available for casual shirts in terms of fabric used and the color/patterns of the shirt are many. The choices for casual shirts are much more than dress shirts. These shirts can be paired with jeans too.

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Polo Shirts

Polo Shirts are also known as Golf Shirts. These shirts are T-shaped collared shirts. The difference between the polo shirts and the casual shirts lay in the arrangement of the front buttons.

Polo Button Down Shirts

Casual shirts are buttons down shirts but polo shirts are provided with just three to four buttons. The shirts are best suited for the warmer season and are usually made up of knitted cloth. This makes it a good sweat absorbent.


Tee or T-shirts are the most popular button down dress used by men. This is an informal shirt that aims in providing comfort to the body. The tees were initially designed to act as an innerwear but the non-collard, button down shirt has become a very popular outworn shirt among youngsters.

Button Down T-Shirts

The various colors used in the shirts and the comfortable material allow it to be worn both at office and at home. These shirts also facilitate logo printing. Companies making uniforms for their employees prefer using these shirts.

Team Jersey

Team Jersey

Another variation among different types of button down shirts is a popular sporting shirt. The shirts come with a crew or V-neck and with two to three buttons placed at the top front. These shirts usually come with the logo of a team on the front and rear face.

Button Down Shirts