Different Types Of Dessert Wines

types of dessert wines Many people know of only two types of wines; red and white. Most of us are ignorant of the presence of a third type of wine – the dessert wine. Dessert wines are a fine treat for your palate and stomach after a heavy meal. However, it is good to first acquire knowledge of the many tastes that dessert wines have.

What are Dessert Wines?

Dessert wines are unusually sweet wines that are more concentrated and highly flavored than regular table wines. These wines are served along with desserts post meal. The reason is that the luscious taste of the wines goes well with the sweet taste of the desserts. However, the quantity of dessert wine served is lesser than those of regular wines.

We all are aware that specific wines are meant go with specific types of foods; the same holds true for dessert wines as well. The pairing helps balance the delicate taste of the solid with the liquid. As a rule, dessert wines have to be sweeter than the dessert they are served along with.

There is a specific reason for this. If the dessert is higher in sugary content than the wine, then the wine will leave an acerbic taste in your mouth after a bite of dessert. A comparatively blander dessert will actually tone down the sweetness in the mouth left by the wine.

Types of Dessert Wines

Sherry is the most popular dessert wine and many have had it as red wine without knowing that it is actually a dessert wine. The wine comes from a certain region in Spain. Port wine is also a famous dessert wine that is original of Portugal. Other delicious and sought after fortified dessert wines are Marsala from Italy and Madeira, again from Portugal.

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Let’s take a look at some types of dessert wines regardless of whether they are fortified or not.

1. The Late Harvest Dessert Wine

By not plucking the grapes in time the sugar in them becomes condensed. This leads to the formation of ‘noble rots’ on the grapes. Some of the best dessert wines are prepared using this method. This method of preparation of dessert wines is very popular in Sauternes, a region in France.

Different Types Of Dessert Wines

2. Ice Dessert Wine

The grapes used in the preparation of this type of dessert wines are left to freeze towards the end of the harvest. As a result of freezing, the grapes give only a small amount of very sweet juice. Ice wines are normally prepared in extremely cold regions of the world like Canada and Germany.

3. Mixing and Fermentation Dessert Wines

This method involves preparation of dessert wines by adding alcohols like brandy or whiskey to wines like Port or Cream Sherry. The dessert wines can also be made by mixing alcohol with grape juice.

Another way of preparing dessert wines using this method is by first cooling the wine, then removing the yeasts from it and finally reheating it. This method causes a considerable drop in the alcohol content of the wine. An example in this case is the Moscato D’Asti.

If you wish to try out dessert wines then select them wisely. The best dessert wines have all the endowments that the wine lovers are familiar with – alluring smell, mixed flavors, smooth and creamy textures, and the most perfect glaze.