Different Types Of French Wine

French wine is one of the most popular types of wines that are drunk by people across the world. There are various styles of wines produced in France such as red, white, rose, fortified and sparking type. They make use of simple and reliable production methods to manufacture popular and expensive wines of all times.

Each region in France has uniqueness in preparing quality wine from available grape varieties. They also use different methods of wines that can be consumed immediately and some are meant to be stored for long time to achieve standard taste and flavor. There are different varieties of grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Rhone that are used in making delicious wines.

Different Types Of French Wine

France is not only different in its geographic structure but also in wine making appellations, labeling and classifications. It is important to understand French wine label used by people in France’s wine industry. The top four classification frequently used by them portrays their trend and style of making a wine.

Different Kinds Of French Wine

Appellation d’Origine Controlee (AOC)

AOC is a kind of wine classification that guarantees the style and quality of French wine. It portrays the region where the wine was made with accordance of local rule and regulations. Each wine making area has been provided with AOC appellation titles to achieve unique identity. This AOC title is categorized into two sub-levels Grand Cru and Premier Cru to indicate further wine standards of quality.

Grand Cru

Different Types Of French Wine

Depending on the land or winery itself, this highest classification has been given for a French wine. The classification based on land is widely used across the nation, which is easier and simpler to apply properly.

Premier Cru

This classification is used to signify high position, which is already listed Grand Cru classification and to designate the vineyards with enhanced quality, but considered lower than Grand Cru position.

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Vin Delimite De Qualite Superieure (VDQS)

VDQS is the position that acts as the earlier step for getting tag from AOC label. This label is not that much frequently used by French wine industry and it is rare to see VDQS label on a wine bottle.

VIN De Pays (VDP)

VDP, known as ‘Country Wine’ or ‘Wine of the Land’, is ranked below VDQS. This label system can be seen in one-fourth of French wine, which is related with the local domestic wine market. It is used to define a particular region where the wine is manufactured.

Different Types Of French Wine

It is categorized into:

• VDPs Regionaux
• VDPs Departement
• VDPs de Zone

Now, these VDP labels are allowed to denote varieties of vintage and the wine used.

Vin De Table (VDT)

The lowest category wine label Vin de Table (Table Wine) is used to regulate quality wine from anywhere in France. It doesn’t portray any region, grape variety or vintage that is not used now because of the raise in VDP category.

Different Types Of French Wine

Apart from these labels some other classification used in labeling wines in entire European region are:

• Appellation d’Origine Protegee (AOP) is equivalent to AOC of French wine appellation.
• Indication Geographique Protegee (IGP) is equivalent to VDP of French wine appellation.

Hence, this labeling plays key role in identifying the quality, grape type, vintage and region from where the French wine is made.