Different Types Of Fruit Wine

Fruit wine is fermented from fruits other than grapes. It is a natural product of fruit fermentation. These are fermented beverages, made from a variety of ingredients. Additional flavors taken from flowers, herbs and fruits can also be added. Fermentation process varies between different winemakers.

Different Types Of Fruit Wine

But it is mostly done under cold conditions, to maximize the retention of fruit characteristics. Fruit wine should not be too sweet, as it makes it cloying on the palette. If it is too dry, it tends to be astringent and sharp. Categories of fruit wines are different and they are:

Different Kinds Of Wine

Fortified Fruit Wine

This is obtained by adding alcohol derived from alcoholic fermentation of many food sources. It has an actual content of 14% alcohol by volume.

Sparkling Fruit Wine

Different Types Of Fruit Wine

This is 90% of a sparkling fruit wine, but the rest 10% is undeclared.

Ice Fruit Wine

It is fermented from juices through cyro-extraction. There is no particular fruit for making this ice fruit wine.

Species Fruit Wine

There are different types of species like single, dual and triple. Single species have a maximum of 90% fruit content and the rest 10% other content. Dual species has a sum of 90% and 10% undeclared content, with a minimum content of 15% for the second species. Triple species has a sum of 90% and 10% undeclared, 10% of second flavor and 15% of third species.

Different fruits are used for the production of fruit wines. Some of them are listed below.

• Apple
• Pear
• Blackberry
• Banana
• Cloudberry

Different Types Of Fruit Wine

Vegetables and roots of certain types can also be added for the production of these fruit wines. Carrot, lemongrass, rhubarb, parsnip, chives are some of the vegetables and roots used for manufacturing fruit wines. Flowers like hibiscus, fig tree and dandelion make a huge contribution in some wines. Tree sap like palm wine, maple wine and birch wine add an additional ingredient to the production of fruit wine. Fruit wines stand tall with maximum health benefits in it. They are:


Cranberry is rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants. It is rich in flavonoids which can cure cancer. Proanothcyanidins help in preventing urinary tract infections. It also has the ability to decrease cholesterol and LDL.

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Blackberry is used to produce wines that are good home remedies for cholera, anaemia, dysentery etc. If a person takes this fruit wine for a longer time period, it helps in avoiding stomach disturbances and leucorrhea.


Different Types Of Fruit Wine

This fruit helps in reducing pain caused by sore throat due to cold and flu. It is used commonly in all fruit wines. Many types of fruit wines are available and they exhibit certain characteristics. They are:

Pineapple wine – Produced from the pineapple juice. Fermentation is stopped near dryness for this wine.
Blackberry wine – Produced from blackberry fruit with many medicinal properties.
Dandelion wine – Contains moderate alcohol content, made from dandelion petals.
Redcurrant – Produced in northerly cold areas.
Cherry wine – Produced from cherries to provide sufficient acid.
Rosehip wine – Made from dried rosehip. Fermented in syrup with citric acid and yeast.

Consuming fruit wine does not require any age limit. People of all ages can consume it without any hesitation. Fruit wine provides medicinal properties hence; patients can also have a glass of fruit wine daily with the doctor’s advice, to keep their health stable.