Different Types Of Greek Wine

Many wines producing countries are present throughout the world. Greece is one of the oldest wine producing regions. In Greece, wines are produced on a house or communal basis. In olden days, the wine was transported among the Mediterranean regions. It has a high respect in Italy. It is the home for the second oldest known grape wine remnants.

Greek wines are used for medicinal purposes and are well known throughout the Mediterranean. Some of the most reputed wines of ancient Greece are Corcyraean, Euboean, Chian, Coan, Peparethane wine etc.

Different Types Of Greek wine

There are different varieties of Greek red wine available, they are:

Athiri – It has its presence in the Northen Greece and Peloponnese.
Aidani – It is found on Santorini and other Aegean islands.
Muscat – It has a range of styles from dry fruits to dessert fruits.
Vertzami – Low profile variety found in Lefkada.

Different Kinds Of Greek Wine

Different types of Greek wines are available and they include:


Different Types Of Greek wine

This is a Red wine produced in the Macedonia area in the northern part of Greece. It is the Greek wine manufactured from a major grape. It ages well and has a rich woodsy taste.


It is one of the most important Greek red wines. It is grown in the Peloponnese areas and has cherry, spicy taste.


It is the wine of Athens, served from wine barrels. It is found all over Greece. It is a white or rose wine with distinct resin flavor.

Regional wines

Different Types Of Greek Wine

As these wines use grapes from specific regions around Greece, they are called by this name.


Mandelaria is a woodsy flavored red Greek wine and Limnio is a robust red wine.

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Some of the best Greece white wines are Moschofilero, Assyrtikos etc. Many types of Greek wines grow in areas such as Crete- Peza, Sritia, Dafnes, Archanes, Aegean Islands- Samos, Paros, Limnos, Santorini, Central Greece- Rapsani, Thessaly, Anchialos and Macedonia- Naoussa, Epanomi, Amynataion. Red and white wines are very popular in the regions of Greece.

The types and the functions of different types of wines are:

Different Types Of Greek Wine

Agiorghitiko – It produces soft, fruity flavors in red.
Assyrtiko – It is a multi-purpose variety which keeps track of its acidity level as it ripens
Mandilaria – Grape used in this type is often extremely tannic and frequently mixed with other grapes to make softer the mouth feel.
Mavrodaphne – It is used to produce prized fortified dessert wine
Kotsifali – It gives an enhanced color and is majorly grown on Crete,
Xinomavro – It has great ageing potential with ingredients like potato, olive etc.

Greek wines are also rich in medicinal properties. The honey spiced wine is used to cure stomach ailments or to come out of illnesses. It is especially good for heart diseases and people are recommended to take a glass of honey Greek wine daily. Garlic present in this wine can help in eliminating chronic coughs and heal wounds in a shorter period of time.

It also avoids ageing of skin, giving you a young look with a shiny skin. Diabetes can also be eliminated with the help of the immune agent present in the grapes used in this wine. Experience the difference between Greek wines by having them daily before or after your meal.