Different Types Of Pastry Shoes

Pastry Shoes Pastry shoe line was launched in 2007 by sisters Vanessa and Angela Simmons of the television show ‘Run’s House’, aired on MTV. The brand targeted mainly younger girls with a range of dress and athletic shoes, accessories and clothing. It also included a line of footwear which was designed especially for young children.

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are among the types of pastry shoes which are famous for a wide range of stylish sneakers for street wear. These shoes are an affordable alternative to shoes of similar styles offered by big brands. Several types of pastry shoes options have been created by the Simmons sisters for low-tops like canvas shoes and runners as well as hi-top sneakers. It varies in extravagance, material and color.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are one of the most popular types of pastry shoes. Dress shoes are apt as party wear rather than regular street wear. There are lesser options for dress shoe than sneakers. The options available include wedges and heels. You will get a variety of heights, patterns and colors. You will find different styles of street wear which provides the shoes an urban, edgy aesthetic look. There have been several designs for instance which combines sneakers, wedges and heels into a remarkable urban take on the high-heeled traditional shoe.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are one of the types of pastry shoes which look classier than normal shoe wear. Casual shoes include boots, flats and sandals which combine comfort with style for day wear. Casual types of pastry shoes are less formal in nature than the dress shoes. Casual shoes are the most flexible types of pastry shoes in terms of wear ability. You can wear these shoes anytime you want as the shoes can easily adapt to all types of situations. You can choose from several casual design shoes like flats and wear it in a nightlife function or a party.

Children’s Footwear

The pastry footwear children’s line includes several designs size for babies 0-3, 2-10 infant size and 11-5 kid’s size. The various designs that are available are athletic sneakers which are smaller versions of the models that are for adults.

Purchase Pastry Shoes Online

Pastry shoes can be purchased online and therefore you do not require to restrict yourself only to the shoes that are available locally. There are a wide range of options which you can choose from depending on the model you want to purchase. You will get the entire description of the shoe item by just typing the name of the shoe in the search engine.

You will also get an opportunity of comparing the price of your shoe while purchasing it online. The prices of the various types of pastry shoes vary from one shop to another.

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When you plan to place an order do not forget to check in the prices in different places. Another major privilege that you can enjoy of shopping online is that you can make a purchase anytime you want as the online shopping hours are not restricted. Even many of the websites offering you pastry shoes provide you a full time customer care service. Here you can clarify all your queries at any time of the day.

Procedure of Making a Pastry Shoe

At first you will need to purchase a pair of shoes or you can also use a pair of shoe that you already have. The color and style of the shoe should be similar to one of the types of pastry shoes you want to replicate. You will need a paintbrush and acrylic or fabric paint, to paint the sections of the shoe.

It will be good for you to carry pictures of one of the types of pastry shoes that you wish to replicate as it will help you to turn out the correct design of the shoe. To get the best results, you should use a single color on each section of your shoes. You can also paint along the rubber sole which will give your shoe a unique and a bright touch. The shoe should be left overnight to dry out completely.

Customizing Your Own Pastry Shoe

After your shoe is completely dried out, a small quantity of crystal glue is needed to be poured onto the plastic plate or paper. You need to use tweezers to pick the crystals. You can use the end of the toothpick to touch the glue and apply it on the flat side of the crystal. Before the placement of the crystal on the shoe is made it’s important to ensure that the placement is done accurately.

You can apply the crystals anywhere on the shoes including the soles and the sides of the shoe. You can add any type of decal to your shoe depending on your taste and preferences. You can use the adhesive which is given along with the decals or the crystal glue to apply the decals on your shoe. You should then give enough time to allow the crystals and the decals to dry according to the directions given on of the glue tube. Then the shoe should be re-laced with sparkly and bright shoelaces that match the design of your shoes.

Pastry Shoes are Available in Several Colors and Types

The various types and colors of pastry shoes will surely fascinate you. The sweet colored shoes have their own uniqueness and make you stand out in the street crowd. The snazzy colored shoes are comfortable and fashionable. The funky and fun feature of the pastry shoes is highlighted when you sport them and they help define your personality.

Pastry Shoes are Comfortable, Stylish and Very Comfortable

When you opt for a pastry shoe, you can be assured about the quality, style and comfort of the shoe. The distinctive feature of pastry shoes makes it a desire for all to own one.

The pastry shoe line offers hot styles at a very low price and will definitely attract you. You should however ensure that the pastry shoes you buy, is of a design which along with captivating you will also suit your needs perfectly.