Different Types Of Rose Wine

Rose Wine is consumed during summer and early winter. It tastes awesome with all kinds of foods from light to full-bodied flavors. This wine actually comes in dark pink color, orange and salmon color and hence is referred to as blush wines. Though this wine is developed every year, it has been considered as the under-rated wine type among people. This wine has begun to get popular in recent times and is spreading in popularity.

In the first type, the trodden grape skins are allowed to act with the fruit juice for some time. This is done with the idea of increasing the concentration of grape juice, so that the final output remains marvelous. In the art of wine making, the skins of grape are pressed without allowing it to melt out that is used in the making of red wine.  In the next method, wine makers carry out vat bleeding process.

Different Types Of Rose Wine

It is done with the intention to add more color and tannin to red wine that results in the removal of pink juice content from it. Now this juice is treated with fermentation process that produces rose wine. Last method is used in making rose wine by blending. This is done by combining white wine and red wine that promotes rose color. However, this method is not followed repeatedly. There are various grapes used in the making of rose wine that grows in different regions.

Different Kinds Of Rose Wine

Pinot Noir

It is a red wine grape that is grown in almost all vineyards all over the world. This grape has thin skin that may get damaged easily providing low yields every year. The wine produced from this grape is delicious during warmer conditions, which is cultivated at dry and cool regions.


It is a versatile type of grape that has attracted home winemakers in huge numbers. It allows the winemakers to make different types of wine with good-looking and easily drinkable characteristics.

Different Types Of Rose Wine

Making rose wine using Grenache is a simple process that provides a blended output for the consumer. It has high acid content that can be diluted to achieve thin and light-bodied wines.

Cabernet Franc

One of the oldest varieties of grape is ripened earlier that are grown colder regions. It is used as the better blending agent in making rose wine in France and is spread worldwide. It has flavors of fruits like berry, raspberries and green bell pepper attracting wine lovers greatly.

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Camay is a grape that is used to make both red and rose wine. Since, red wine acts as the by-product in making rose wine, this grape plays important role in wine making. It has the flavors of vanilla, berries, oak and the likes to provide excellent drinking experience for wine lovers.

Another important aspect about rose wine is a region in France called Tavel. If a person refers to Tavel, it is nothing but referring to rose wine as the region is dedicated to make wine. Here, Mourvedre tasting berries and Cinsault tasting strawberries are used in making Bordeaux mixture of wine.