Different Types Of Scarves For Men

It is hard to believe that no matter what, scarves have always been in fashion. They have been worn by men since ages. Scarves, undoubtedly, give an elegant and sophisticated look to men. However, you must know which scarf to be worn on what occasion.

Different Types Of Scarves

Scarves are usually 60 to 90 inches long with 6 to 14 inch width. A variety of fabrics are used to make scarves.

Wool Scarf: Your Style For Winters!

Wool scarf Regardless of your age, Wool Scarf is a must. Wear it with your t-shirt, sweater or coat. While picking one, make sure the color is not loud. They should be soft, with silent patterns.

Knit Scarf: Stay Warm, Stay Dressy!

The knitted patterns on these scarves make you look sporty. It is the best accessory to be worn in early winters. Making unique and excellent gifts, these scarves are easy to knit.

Cotton Scarf:Light Scarves To Feel Light!

cotton scarf At times you need less protection, these scarves can be worn. They are best for autumns and make you feel lively.

Silk Scarf: Look Classy And Sexy!

You cannot complete your classy look without silk scarves. Silk scarves are made from 100% silk. They are very soft to touch. You may experiment with colors when it comes to silk scarves. They never look ‘over the top’. Instead, they look very masculine and simple. Wear it on family dinners and parties to look sophisticated.


Drape Your Scarf

  Drape Your Scarf If you are wearing a coat or a jacket, instead of tying it, simply drape it around your neck.


Give an overhand knot to your silk scarves. Adjusting the length of scarf around your neck, tie the both ends of scarf together.

French Knot

  French Knot Take the both ends together so that you are holding half the length scarf. Wrap it round the neck, inserting and pushing out the hole between the arms of your scarf. This knot is preferred for light scarves like those of cotton and silk.

The Once Around

 No matter what type of scarf you have, once around knot always works. Wrap it around your shoulders leaving the arms of scarf in front.

Twice Around

Twice Around Like French knots, twice arounds are preferred in thinner scarves. However, they look good on wool scarves too. Wrap the scarf around your neck twice to give a funky look.


Men should wear scarves with dull or dark colors. This gives them a subtle and sophisticated look. Grey and black are must-haves. Also, to tie the scarves round your neck easily, prefer those with bigger lengths. Animal prints, Italian prints and those of chiffon are good to look and wear. If you prefer comfort over style, go for ascots. In summers, scarves absorb your sweat and look cool and charming. If you’re wearing denims, scarves look amazing when paired with aviators. Gift a good scarf on Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day to express your love and affection.