7 Different Types Of Sneakers For Men

7 Different Types Of Sneakers For Men

Sneakers or Trainers originally were athletic sports shoes, which have now evolved to become a fashion statement. Sneakers are mostly made up of rubber sole so as to avoid the annoying noise made by the leather sole shoes; Hence, the name “Sneakers”.

Sneakers are multi-utility products. You could train in gym, catch a movie with your friend, go hiking or simply hang around in house in them. They are comfortable yet durable. Gone are the days when you could only spot an athletic donning this pair, now Sneakers are very much part of fashion statement for men.

Ideas To Choose Sneakers For Men

Brands Manufacturing Sneakers

Considering the huge market size, there are many companies that have jumped into manufacturing of sneakers. Adidas, Nike, Puma, CRYUFF, Reebok, Converse are a few of the leading brands that produce sneakers for men.

Brands Manufacturing Sneakers

Each one of them differ in styling,comfort and price from other.They also differ in terms of their usage and appearance.

Various Types Of Sneakers For Men

Sneakers differ in terms of brands, usage and type. Having zeroed down your need, you could check what type of sneaker you would require. In broader terms we could categorise sneakers into:

High Top

The sneakers that cover the ankles are the high tops sneakers.

High Top

Low Tops

The sneakers that rests just below the ankles are called as low tops sneakers.

Low Tops


As name suggests, they lie somewhere in between low and high top sneakers.

mid cut


These are cross between boots that go well above the ankle but have comfort of any sports shoes. They are stylish yet comfortable.

boot cut

As discussed earlier sneakers can be used in multiple ways, but you are specifically looking for heavy duty running shoes or training shoes, you used keep that need in mind before buying sneakers. While most sneakers are designed in a way that they are used to normal wear and tear but rigorous activity like running would require the shoes that are specially designed for that purpose for e.g.Nike air max men’s sneakers.

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With so many avenues available, the chances of landing into fakes have increased tremendously. So the question arises that how can one land into an authentic pair without going bankrupt?


Always, buy shoes from the retail shop or from the original website of the brand.This minimises the risk of buying fakes. Also, if you could check onto trust worthy websites that offer decent discounts or wait for end of the year sale to buy your favourite pair at much cheaper rates.


While it is true, that good brands are a little expensive but on the positive side, they give you comfort and a good pair could lasts for years provide you take a little care of your coveted buy. Do not wash your sneakers in washing machine a gentle brush and mild detergent and your hands are all needed to get off that dirt.


Keep your sneakers away from extreme climates like direct sun or humidity.Keep alternating with another pair of shoes to increase its life. Simple things like untying the laces while wearing or removing sneakers would make sure the laces and the shape of sneakers remains same.

Given the comfort and wear-ability on various occasions and a huge variety to choose from, sneakers will remain the fashion symbol for men for a long time.