10 Different Varieties Of Boots For Men

10 Different Varieties Of Boots For Men

There are some accessories which are symbolic of a unique style statement that men can portray.Good boots for men, belts and watches along with sunglasses are some items that decorate men and also provide much comfort and ease in their day to day dressing up.

Varieties of men’s accessories may be lesser when compared with women’s accessories but boots is an important part of their dressing up. These are very much unique stylish and come in many beautiful colors and designs.Evolution today has brought the footwear to new levels of vogue and amazing standards of comfort.

Some Basic Varieties Of Boots For Men Are:

Dress Boots

The basic style of dress boots compliment your suits and formal dressings. They may be chukka style, leather or synthetic mix.

dress boot

Generally tapering in look and sometimes winged , these are available in all price ranges and colors like black, grey, brown and deep green.

Casual Boots

These come in more colors and shades and carry an informal look.Worn with anything from a trouser to a jeans or with a shorts for that matter, they are always the object of fancy of smart men and attractive to observant ladies.

casual boot

Lovely yellow, green, shades like steel blue and steel grey are common also not to forget are the typical brown adventurous ones. These might be low and sometimes resemble sports shoes too.

Outdoor Boots

Well, adventurous men have this option.Enjoy the solid grip when you are on the go and going to roam around in those adventurous, risky areas with these hiker shoes which provide you a better grip anytime owing to their thick strong soles made of rubber.

outdoor boot

With technologies like GSR and Viabram,these are the most comfortable wearables you can have. With these shoes, outdoor activities will feel easy and always tempting. A nice pair of boost is a total protection for feet. With many brands coming up with adorable items, you have a plethora to choose from.

Waterproof Boots

Waterproof boots again,are useful for adventures as well as in situations like formal events in rainy days. Whatever your needs, you can find really nice shoes to take you along places.

waterprrof boot

Chukka Boots

These are low boots mostly used in leather material though canvas is also available.Popular in the chic and young generation,these are easily worn and maintained items. Chukka boots is a must have in men’s wardrobe. The oil shine chukka boots have a glossy look whereas the rough ones have a rugged look.

chukka boot

The proud owners of these boots can choose their colors according to their own attitudes. The colors which men have in their options are little darker and suave than the bright girl pinks and blues. Red, yellow , cream, green, brown and gray are colors increasingly taking the place of the typical black and shades close black in case of boots for men .

People are even experimenting with combinations and patterns like checks in place of the plain ones. If you have to decide to grab a pair for yourself, do good research and explore across a large number of brands to get the best and most satisfying pick.

Good Brands That Bring You Adorable Boots:

To name a few brands of boots for men that may help you find a good pick, we have in our list Alfani, Cole haan, EMU, Hugo Boss, Levi’s Nautica,Nike, Puma, Steve Madden, The North Face, Diesel, Donald, Pliner, Kenneth Cole, Merrell, Wolverine, Timberland, Rockport, Stacy Adams, Sketchers, Sebago and Hush Puppies.

Motorcycle Boots

All men must have one pair of stylish motorcycle boot.This means they should have a pair of rough and tough boots for men that is associated with a motorcycle brand as huge as Harley Davidson,Red Wing or the like. Boys have a huge craze for well known and famous motorcycle boots and same is the case with young and outgoing men.

motorcycle boot

Complimented with leather jackets they make you stand out and attract the damsels too. Big brands make competent, high quality footwear that is precisely dedicated to providing full comfort, protection and style to the wearer’s feet.

Harley Davidson

Immediately associated with riding and heartthrob motorcycles is the name of Harley Davidson. The company makes adorable motorcycle wears like belts, shoes, jackets and gloves. Own one if you have a Harley Davidson bike or any gorgeous motorcycle that you love to flaunt.

harley boot

Red Wing Motorcycle Boots

A very famous type of shoes is the Red Wing Motorcycle Boots.Committed to riding at every possible opportunity, the street rider should get these stylish and super tough Red Wing footwear. Perfect detailing and careful attention to comfort make them a joyous experience for the wearer.

red wing boots

Red Wing products have significantly evolved but the very typically tough ,vintage-style boots characteristically Red Wing Style are still the main attractors.Great looks, full water resistance durability and unbeatable designs are the qualities that the company offers.

Ralph Lauren

Exclusive to the purpose of providing the most of comfort with style,the Ralph Lauren motorcycle boots are ruggedly-attractive to look at at work, while partying or while riding the stylish motorcycles with friends. The highlighted features are the pure leather material used,strong rubber out-sole, excellent grip and not to forget, the total water resistant protection.

ralph boots

It is a perfect combination of comfort, durability, style and creativity. These come in designs that are suitable with a variety of clothes like shorts and folded pants. A very versatile pair of shoes , indeed!


this company offers a number of engineer and harness boots.These shoes are worn by motorcycle riders while the rides because of their durability,look, class and comfort.It is a little more expensive when compared with other brands made with high quality materials but once you use it you have .no regrets as it is worth the pennies spent .

fyre boot

With a fair idea of the styles and varieties of these stylish and strong pair of shoes men also need to know the market rates. Once you compare the entire rates of the shoes and match them with your requirements you can definitely find a good pair of boots for men around you and if you are shopping for yourself, you can take that personal style into consideration and don the most stylish pair in utmost poise.