Different Ways To Wear A Men’s Cardigan

Different Ways To Wear A Men's Cardigan`

Men’s cardigans are a boring outfit only if you perceive it to be so. There are so many different ways to wear a men’s cardigan and each of them represent a style of their own. Feel liberated from the usual formal or casual look and team up your attire with a cardigan to showcase the image of a contemporary and stylish male.

Tips For Wearing Men’s Cardigan 

Cardigan Styles For Men

Invest in a pair of cardigans with buttons and get yourself a look that can be either formal or casual. Pair your dress shirt with a patterned tie and a dark colored cardigan. These three pieces of clothing can be worked around to create varied styles. Wear you cardigan and shirt sleeves in full length for a formal look.

Cardigan Styles For Men

And as evening settles, remove cuff buttons of your shirt, turn it up and push sleeves in an untailored manner to look more casual. The sleeve of the cardigan will hold the shirt sleeves in place. Push it up higher and lo, you have created a different style. If you want to look rugged but yet create a dressy feel, pair your cardigan with checkered full sleeve shirt and stick in a black tie.

Button your cardigan all the way leaving the last two buttons open. Complement the top with medium wash jeans and you are simply a style icon. A flannel shirt with cardigan and tie look is a classic and can never fade away in the fashion world.

Cardigan Styles – The Casual Look

For a totally casual look, complement a simple or better still, white V neck t-shirt with a dark cardigan. But this time wear it unbuttoned. Your jeans can be light, medium or dark but ensure the boots you wear match the style of your jeans. Push your sleeves up where the cardigan stays tight and this is usually on your forearm.

Cardigan Styles - The Casual Look

Sleeveless cardigans are all the more versatile and the way you wear it can either make you look like a total geek or quite stylish whichever way you choose. Pair your cardigan either with a t-shirt or shirt. But either way push up your sleeves for a carefree attitude. It is better to wear a simple plain t-shirt or even if you intend to wear prints on your t-shirt, make sure it is visible through the V of the cardigan. Else, you will end up ruining your look.

Patterned cardigans give room to experiment and explore further. These cardigans can be either lightweight or thick and will still pass out to be fashionable. However, ensure the inner layers are easy and uncomplicated to showcase a stylish image you intend. Sporting the patterned cardigan below a sport coat is ideal for a night out at your favorite club.

Patterned cardigans

For younger men and men who want to look young, wearing a cardigan over a t-shirt and pairing them with a scarf on the neck helps. Make sure the color of your jeans is in contrast to that of your cardigan. Complement with sneakers. With several ways to wear a cardigan, men have lots of room to experiment with styles.