Discover What Women Want In Bed

Even though you have a stunning body and macho looks, you might not be popular among women. You might discover that every sexual encounter you have with your female partner fails to satisfy her! It seems that she might want something more from you.

Discover What Women Want In Bed

If this bewilderment has been your constant companion, break it now and satisfy your lover. Try to find out what women want in bed.

Best Things Womem Want In Bed

Let Her Achieve Orgasm

You will only be able to win her heart forever if you are able to give her an orgasm before you do the final thing.  Women are slow to start. But, they are capable of holding the mood for a much longer time than men, who are, on the contrary, fast starters and end fast too.  So, allow her the time to reach the climax by incorporating as much foreplay as you can in your love making session.

Be Her Sex Slave

Never behave like a master in bed. If you tend to dominate every time, you will make your lady unsatisfied at the end of it. So, the golden rule to make your love making the most passionate and enticing one is to let her dominate you too during the session of physical encounter. She will not only be satisfied with you but never leave you any chance to complain about her ‘obvious’ tenacity as well!

Caress Her All Over

While men are more concerned about the most immediate sex arousing spots of a feminine body, such as the bosoms, g-spots and genitalia, women prefer to be caressed all over.

Discover What Women Want In Bed

Ancient beliefs state that there are as many as sixteen concealed erogenous zones in a feminine body, which stimulate her more than the obvious sexual parts. So, next time you make love to her, pay attention to her entire body. Quite unknowingly you will hit the hot spots that will make her go mad over you.

Let The Climax Arrive Late

Women love it most when you endure longer. So, hold on and continue to love her without reaching the climax within moments. As it is earlier said, women take time to heat up and cool down. So, men, who go slowly about the whole affair, are always in a better position.  Thus, before the final job and after the basic foreplay there are many ‘mature’ things that you can do in order to extend the duration of your sexual encounter.

Make Her Crazy For You

One of the vital fundamentals to make her consider you as the treasured possession of your life is to make her crazy and let her beg for ‘it’.  This is quite a challenging job as it is always the men folk, who are the chasers. But, you are supposed to be just the opposite by initiating the heat in her.

Do this by performing everything excluding the intercourse. You will be able to assume when it her time to wish for it madly. Let her beg for an intercourse rather than forcing yourself on her and not letting her enjoy the whole session.