Easy Tips to Choose Men Swimwear

Easy Tips to Choose Men Swimwear Choosing swimwear, whether it’s for a man or woman can be tricky. This is because swimming costumes are usually revealing and may draw attention to certain flabby body parts. However, in recent times, various types of swimming costumes are available in the market. This means that if you opt for a swimwear that suits your body type, you will not feel embarrassed, while walking on the beach or enjoying swimming.

What we mean is that for flaunting the perfect swimwear, possessing a perfect body is not important. Rather, it is more crucial to understand your body type and choose a swimwear accordingly. In this article, we will first discuss various types of costumes that are available for men. Next, we would provide some tips for choosing the correct swimwear for men, according to specific body types.

Different Types Of Swimming Costumes For Men


Boxers are probably the most popular men swimwear. This is because they are suitable for men with any body type.


Loose and comfortable, they usually reach up to mid-thighs and come with in-built mesh brief that provide great support and comfort.


Briefs are revealing and therefore, suit only those who have a great body. You can wear briefs for swimming as well as enjoying sunbathing.



Shorts are similar to boxers, except the fact that they are shorter. While some shorts come with drawstrings, others are fitted with buttons and zippers. Like boxers, shorts are perfect for anyone, irrespective of the body type.


Trunks are fitted shorts and offer great support to lower part of the body. Since they accentuate the hips and thighs, you can wear them, only if you have a great body to flaunt.



Bikinis are similar to briefs, except the fact that bikinis are even shorter. Bikinis for men are extremely comfortable, since they do not restrict movement in any way. However, you need to possess a good body for flaunting this swimwear.


Men thongs are extremely revealing and therefore, only suitable for those who possess an excellent body and feel confident in wearing anything publicly. However, consider the fact that flaunting thongs, even at a beach may draw strange looks.

Tips To Choose The Correct Swimwear

As stated earlier, while choosing a swimwear, you need to consider your body type. Here are some more specific tips.

Skinny And Thin Body Type

If you have the above-mentioned body type, opting for shorts or boxers can be a good idea. Choose a slightly bigger size, so that you appear fuller and not excessively thin.

Short And Overweight

Boxers and slightly long shorts can be a good option for you. Wear a nice t-shirt for completing the look.


Any swimwear will look good on you. You can try briefs, boxers, and also trunks. Choose a swimwear that suits your complexion.

Choosing a swimwear is all about understanding your body type and what suits you perfectly. Therefore, you need to invest sufficient time for picking out the one that will complement your body structure. Have fun, while flaunting your best swimwear!