Easy Tips To Prevent Hair Loss In Men

Prevent Hair Loss In Men Hair loss has become a major problem worldwide and both the genders (male and female) are equally affected. If you are also worried about your hair loss, here are some tips for you to prevent hair loss.

Role of Exercise in Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is caused due to lack of physical activities. This happens because when you don’t exercise your blood circulation becomes poor. Eventually your hair follicles do not receive proper amount of nutrients because blood does not reach to your scalp in the required quantity. This weakens your hair roots which eventually cause hair loss. You need to exercise daily at least for 45 minutes to stop hair loss. If you are looking for a shortcut it will not benefit you. Taking pills or medicines may give you benefits to some level but without exercise you will again start losing hair. Exercise not only stops hair loss but it improves your immune system and keeps you free from any disease.

Instead of spending too much money on expensive products why don’t you choose exercise which doesn’t need any money (if you don’t join a gym)? Walking, running, swimming, dancing, jogging etc are some exercises which do not require money but of course they require your time. You have to give time if you want to prevent hair loss or baldness.

Role of Water in Hair Loss Prevention

Once again you have another cheap option to prevent hair fall in the form of water. Except at some places, water is almost free. So why don’t you drink plenty of water and stop hair loss. Most people drink water only when they are thirsty; they just drink water to quench their thirst. If you too do the same then you are surely going to lose hair.

Your body contains water more than anything else. Your skin, hair, blood, sperm etc need water to perform their duties well and to be in healthy condition. When you drink water when you are thirsty, it just quenches your thirst but when you drink water without feeling thirsty you supply water to your cells and tissues. This helps in proper blood circulation and it also improves your immune system. Your sperm becomes healthy and your hair roots also become strong.

Water keeps your skin glowing because it flushes out toxins from your liver as well from your skin (it flushes out toxins which are accumulated under your skin layers). This increases metabolism and eventually you also lose weight. Water keeps your hair glowing and keeps them in healthy condition. Hence if you want to stop hair loss drink as much water as you can so that you can remain hydrated throughout the day.

Role of Sunlight in Hair Loss Prevention

Expose your body to sunlight. It is also free and very helpful in preventing hair loss. Actually Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins needed for hair growth. It causes the absorption of iron and calcium. Iron deficiency also causes hair loss. But when you expose your body even for 15 minutes in sunlight you get sufficient amount of Vitamin D for that day. However, do not expose your scalp or your skin to sunlight when the heat is too high. It can harm you instead of benefiting you. It is better to take sunbath in the morning or in the evening.

Consume Healthy Diet To Reduce Hair Loss

Many people lose hair due to poor nutrition. It is not that they can’t afford nutritional foods but they spend more money on unhealthy foods rather than utilizing their money in buying healthy foods. Junk foods, processed foods, oily foods etc are poor in nutrition but many people enjoy eating such foods. Thus you suffer from deficiency of nutrients such as iron, zinc, Vitamin C, protein etc. These nutrients are essential for hair growth hence you must avoid unhealthy foods and eat healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, whole grains, milk, eggs etc to fulfill the need of these nutrients.

Avoid Stress, Smoking and Alcohol To Stop Hair Loss

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss. In fact stress causes several health problems; hence avoid stress if you want to prevent hair loss. Of course it’s not an easy task to avoid stress completely but at least you can reduce your stress by changing your thoughts and by adapting methods to reduce stress such as meditation, yoga etc.

Similarly smoking causes hair loss because smoking leads to the development of atherosclerosis which is a serious condition. In this case plaque gets deposited on the walls of your arteries and blood vessels, which obstructs your blood flow throughout your body. In this case even if you eat healthy foods, your hair roots may not receive the nutrients because of insufficient blood supply to hair follicles. Thus your hairs become weak and start falling. Smoking also causes erectile dysfunction, stroke, high blood pressure, heart attack etc. Hence if you love your life (not only hair) quit smoking from now onwards.

Alcohol damages your liver and produces toxins in your system which harms your hair. Either consume alcohol in moderate quantity or leave its consumption completely.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals To Prevent Hair Loss

Many people get tempted by the attractive advertisements on TV, magazines and buy any kind of shampoo, conditioner for their hair. Before using any shampoo check the ingredients in it. Some shampoos contain harsh chemicals which harm your hair and cause hair loss and baldness. After using once or twice if you feel that your hair has been negatively affected, stop using that shampoo.

Avoid Heat & Colouring Too Much

Excess heat and too much dyeing or coloring of your hair is also not good for your hair. Avoid heating your hair unnecessarily. Also dye your hair only when it is necessary.

Rub Onion or Garlic on Your Scalp

If you rub chopped onion on your scalp for sometime, it will stimulate blood circulation and make your hair strong. You can also use garlic juice in place of onion. This process is also good for new hair growth and is used as a cure for baldness. However if you are going on a date or going for a meeting, don’t use this process because it may smell which other people may not like.

When To Seek Medical Help

If your hair loss is due to genetic causes or disease or any other reason which is not in your control, you should consult your doctor to prevent hair loss. There are some effective medicines which can slow down hair fall process.