Easy Ways To Lose Weight

If you are not much of a gym enthusiast or an outdoor person, you can still find simple and unbelievable ways to lose weight and stay slim. These simple steps can be practiced with due diligence right within the comfort of your home. Just going from sitting to walking and moderate activity can speed your metabolism and help you to burn calories. ways to lose weight

Effective Ways To Lose Weight

Banish The Remote

Do not be a literal couch potato. Banish the remote from your home and get up to physically change the channel. Just walking back and forth from the television will help you burn a few calories.

In The Kitchen

Be the devoted and helpful spouse and give your wife an off. Help her to chop the vegetables, wash the dishes or put the dishes away. Not only will it earn you a few brownie points but it will also help you to burn extra calories and stay fit. When you are tidying up stuff in the house, make sure you make multiple trips rather than hauling up everything at one go.

Mini Walks During TV Shows

You need not invest in a treadmill. Just walk up and down inside the room while you catch your favourite sitcom or show on TV. If walking is too light, try to spot jog for 5-10 minutes. Short exercise periods of 10 minutes done every day in front of the TV will compensate for your lack of activity in the gym or health club

Do Your Own Laundry

Do your own laundry

Ditch the washer man or the washing machine. Do your own laundry. Just the act of squatting and washing your own clothes will help you to burn the additional calories. It will also give you a super toned stomach.

Car Washing

This one should not be too hard as most men take a lot of pride in washing their own cars. Wash and wipe down your car thoroughly.

car wash

The vigorous activity done over a period of half hour will burn up to 200 calories, which is equivalent to 40 minutes of light walking.

Help Your Kids

Help your kids in minor errands around the house. Walk with them to their hobby class, help them clean up their room and water the pots in the house along with them. Being a helpful force with your kids will not only help you to establish a good bond with them but it will also be beneficial for your waistline.

Walk It

Walk to your bus stop, super market or place of work. Walking to work speeds your metabolism and also helps you feel energetic as you go about your chores at office.


People staying in mountainous regions are fit because they have to by force walk everywhere they go. Walking is one of the best activities to help you stay in shape.

Take Up Physically Exerting Hobbies

Instead of plonking yourself in front of the TV, take up an interesting hobby like trekking and camping. Going into the wild will not only help you to commune with nature but also help you to shed the excess poundage that you may be carrying around. Likewise, doing some gardening can be very relaxing and therapeutic. It also helps to burn additional calories.

Drink Water

drink water Drinking enough water will help to speed up your metabolism. It will also keep you active by making you run to the loo every time you down a glass or two of water.

Use The Stairs

Just using the stairs will rev up your metabolism like none other. The stairs mimic the effects of a high intensity cardio workout thus making you burn additional calories. It is a great way of busting belly fat. Take the stairs especially if you are just a few stories up.

Switch To Healthier Food Alternatives

Sitting down with a bag of potato chips will do no good for your waistline. Have baked wedges of sweet potato instead which have all the goodness of nourishing carbs without the added calories that are seen in fried potato chips.

Carry A Pair Of Dumbbells

Carry A Pair Of Dumbbells Carry a pair of 10-15 pound dumbbells with you to office, throw in 2-3 sets of biceps curls, and hammer curls. You can also vary your workouts by working on the other muscle groups in the body. This will give you the benefits of muscular strength and muscle toning right within the comfort of your office.

Stay Happy

Stress and weight loss can never be friends. Any amount of exercise is thoroughly negated if your mind is full of emotional stress and turmoil. Beat the stress to keep the excess pounds away from your frame.

Stay With Like-Minded People

Well meaning friends can ruin your weight loss efforts especially if they cajole you into late night partying and outdoor binging. Stay with people who are balanced and have a similar outlook towards health and fitness like yours. This will make it easier for you to stay committed to your weight loss goals.

Eat A Lot Of Salad

eat lot of salad Always start a meal with salad. This allows you to get in a healthy dose of veggies before you start out on the main course. A salad will leave you feeling fuller and will leave you feeling satiated.

Eat Frequent Meals

Eating frequent meals rather than three large meals will keep your metabolism up. Try to eat at least 5-6 times a day. This will prevent you from snacking on unhealthy junk food and help you to adopt healthier styles and patterns of eating.

Go Easy On The Crockery

Use crockery that can easily be downsized. Use smaller plates and cups so that you take smaller portions of food on your plate. This will allow you to eat lesser at every meal.

Substitute bacon And Eggs For Oats

Having a bowl of oats 3-4 times a week will help you to stay full and will also give your body nourishing fibre. Add a handful off flaxseeds and you will also get a good dose of omega -3 fatty acids.