Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

Stress from our everyday life can take a toll on our health and also cause complications. Therefore, it is essential to combat raising stress levels and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Some Simple Herbal Remedies To Relieve Stress Include


Ensure adequate liquid intake. Have green or herbal teas and warm water to cleanse the body and improve the metabolism. Fresh vegetable juice, coconut water etc. are ideal fillers. These beverages help in relieving stress and improving the blood circulation in the body.


Diet is an important factor that contributes to fitness and organic wellness. Incorporate healthy, nutritious foods like fresh fruits, sprouts, whole grains, nuts and pulses in your diet. Also include high fiber foods like oats and millets in your diet. These foods are high in nutrition and help the body maintain high energy levels and combat stress.

Cutting Down On Caffeine

Slash down on caffeine and the consumption of chocolate as they are known to lift levels of stress. Include more green vegetables like spinach in your diet and drink lots of water. Eliminate junk food, oily and refined foods, aerated and sweetened drinks and excess coffee and tea. Replace them with healthier meals.

Physical Activities

Incorporate physical activities like brisk walks, calisthenics, aerobics and yoga. Regular practice of yoga improves wellness and plays a vital role in weight management and weight loss. Yoga increases flexibility, stamina agility, develops core strength, stimulates the endocrine and immune systems and improves concentration, memory and relives stress.


Ensure that you get adequate rest and relaxation as both are crucial for relieving physical and mental stress levels. Go to sleep on time ensure that you get eight hours of sleep. Avoid too many late nights.

Massage Therapy

Massage helps relax your tired muscles, improves the blood circulation and oxygenation of your skin. Follow it up with a relaxing shower or a warm tub bath with essential oils like lavender or rose. This is one of the best ways to de stress.


Conscious inhalation exercises and pranayam helps to revitalize the body, brings clarity of mind and liberates you from tension, anxiety and fears.Yoga is also a great way to relax muscles and improve concentration levels.


Meditation when done regularly is a powerful tool to relax your mind and body, to cleanse your mind of negative emotions like anger, fear, phobia and fatigue. Turn off your phones ringer and make a conscious effort to stay away from your computer. The simple act of being alone and calm, far from all the hustle bustle of life can give you a chance to relax and de stress. Take some time off to watch the sun set, take a swim, enjoy a stroll in the park or else just enjoy the solitude.

Cut Down On Alcohol

Alcohol and smoking increase the levels of stress and also add to the toxins in the body. One should avoid the consumption of alcohol and smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle to combat stress.


Consume a glass of warm milk with a few drops of honey before bed time. This concoction helps in soothing the muscles and relaxes the body after a hard day’s work.