Effective Belly Fat Burning Exercises

Belly Fat The belly fat is probably the most troublesome fat one can experience. If not given appropriate attention and care, it can soon swell to an embarrassing volume. It brings many problems along with it. These are not only physical problems, but social as well. However, the only way out of this is to have a certain exercise routine.

There are many belly fat burning exercises that you can perform in the comfort of your house. You can have your own routine and stick to it. Here are some of the simplest belly fat burning exercises discussed below.

Different Types Of Belly Fat Burning Exercises

Hula Hooping

Your investment in hula hooping is less than $5. All you need is a hula hoop and you are off to business. Working out at least 10 to 15 minutes a day should do a lot of good to your body. You can break up the 15 minute schedule, to a session of five minutes each three times a day.

It is so easy you can do it while watching your favorite TV show. That will distract your attention and not let you feel the pain if you are new and not used to it.


Belly Fat

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One of the widely used belly fat burning exercises is planking. It gives enough workouts to the entire core muscles. You will have to lie down on the floor with face down. Support your body with forearms and feet and lift yourself off the ground. Keep your focus on your abs. Make sure that they are getting the most of the heat when planking. Try to be in the position as long as you can. Repeat at least three to five times.

Side Planking

Planking and side planking go hand-in-hand when it comes to burning belly fat. Now when you know planking, it is easier to perform side planking. Lie on your side and elevate your body. Use the hand that is touching the ground already. Lift and try to maintain the position. Also, try to lift the hand and leg which are not supporting your body.

The Hindu Squats

Belly Fat

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Hindu squatting is simple to perform. Squat up and down by maintaining a fast rate. Make sure your fingers kiss the ground each time. There is no logic behind this. It is just to ensure that you are doing down as much as you should each time. Set the time when you start and count how much you can manage in one minute. Accordingly, set your target for five minutes. According to your capacity, increase the number of repetitions.

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Leg Extensions

Leg extension workout is the most commonly used form of exercise to do away with your belly fat. While lying on the back, lift your leg so that it makes a perpendicular angle with the ground. Try to keep your back touching the ground.

If you realize that the back arches or isn’t touching the ground all the while, you need to be careful. This shows that your abs are not getting stretched at all. This will not help you at all. So carry out leg extension with care.

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