Effective Best Natural Remedies For Flu

natural remedies for flu Are you sneezing or runny nose has made you life miserable for the last few days? Or is your body aching or eyes are itching? Or have you lost your appetite? Then you need to check your temperature. If your temperature is above normal you might be suffering from viral infection known as influenza or more commonly known as flu.

Many people want to cure flu with natural remedies before going to doctor. Given below are some effective and best natural remedies for flu.

Breathe Fresh Air

Oxygen is essential for your life. No one stops breathing in flu but there are many people who do not breathe the amount of oxygen their body need. When you are sick or when you are down with viral fever, your breathing becomes slow and thus your body doesn’t receive the amount of oxygen it should get. Due to nasal congestion many people are unable to breathe properly which weakens your body resistance and also leads to headache and body ache. Therefore you need to breathe deeply so that you can get proper amount of oxygen. This will fill your body with energy and will reduce body ache. This is one of the best natural ways to get relief from flu.

Eucalyptus Oil for Flu

Since you can’t breathe properly due to nasal blockage, you need to take the vapor of eucalyptus oil. Put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in hot water (in a bowl) and cover yourself with a big towel and close your eyes and inhale the vapour (steam). This will provide you great relief from nasal congestion. This will make your breathing easy. It also loosens mucus and phlegm from the chest and works as an expectorant. Make sure you don’t put more than 15 drops of eucalyptus oil because excess drops may not be suitable for you. You can also put a few drops of this oil in warm water and bath with that. It will diminish your body pain.

Oregano Oil for Flu

Oregano oil is also effective in flu symptoms. If you have nasal congestion put one drop of this oil into one ounce of water. The water should be warm. Let the oil be fully dispersed in the water. Thereafter put one or two drops of this mixture in your nostrils and inhale. It has the property which will clear your nasal congestion and act as nasal spray. If the drops burn for 30 seconds do not worry because it’s natural.

Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Some foods are highly rich in antioxidants which build resistance and provide energy to fight the flu viruses. If you are a non vegetarian, you should consume chicken soup when you are suffering from flu. Chicken soup contains natural amino acid called as cysteine which thins mucus secretions which eventually allows your body to expel accumulated mucus from your body.

Thus your nasal blockage and chest congestion is relieved and you can breathe easily. Chicken soup is very effective in fighting flu because it boosts your immune system and builds resistance. However avoid consuming skin of chicken in case you get tempted to eat chicken flesh too.

Garlic for Flu

Garlic is another spice which is very effective in fighting flu. It contains selenium, Vitamin C and allicin which are very powerful antioxidants and which can cure flu easily.

But it is very important to consume garlic in the right way to get its maximum benefits. Instead of consuming fried garlic, you should consume a few cloves of raw garlic twice a day. Garlic will boost your immunity and kill flu viruses very effectively.

Green Tea for Flu

Green Tea is another effective natural remedy for flu. It contains very powerful antioxidants named as polyphenols which destroy free radicals that may cause cancer in future.

Prevention of Flu

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Elderberry is an excellent herb which can cure flu naturally. This herb is also used to treat sinus problems and colds. It contains properties which have the power to fight of flu viruses.

Flu viruses attack you when your immune system becomes weak; in this condition elderberry helps you a lot in improving your immune system because it contains beneficial compounds such as anthocyanins. But you should consume elderberry with the consult of health professionals only because if you do not choose the right part of this herb it would harm you.

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is also very beneficial in controlling flu because of its antibiotic and antiviral properties. Your body converts olive leaf extract into elonolic acid which gives you relief from flu symptoms. It is also beneficial for lowering blood sugar and high blood pressure.

Blow Your Nose

If you get nasal congestion you should blow your nose so that your nasal blockage can be cleared. But don’t press too hard while blowing.


Zinc is very effective in controlling flu and in killing flu viruses. Consume zinc lozenges at regular intervals which you can get from any medical store. Zinc lozenges also thin mucus and allow your body to expel cough which makes breathing easy. However do not consume zinc lozenges if they make you nauseous and to get the maximum benefits of zinc lozenges you should suck it instead of swallowing it.


Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. Do not consume sugary foods because they lower your immune system. Take complete rest and abstain from sex when you are suffering from flu.

Prevention of Flu

You can spread this disease to others if you sneeze openly. This is also airborne disease and the flu viruses can linger in air from 20 seconds to 3 hours. Therefore you should always cover your nose and face with tissue paper or handkerchief or towel (whatever is available) while sneezing and coughing. Don’t let your flu viruses attack your family members or friends.

After using tissue paper, dispose it safely. In case you use handkerchief or towel, get it washed properly with hot water so that flu viruses can be killed. Don’t allow anyone to use your towel or handkerchief when you are suffering from flu.

Apart from the above mentioned natural remedies you can also opt for home remedies for flu to get relief from flu symptoms. Some remedies such as garlic, ginger etc are used as home remedy for flu as well as natural remedies for flu.

While using home remedy or natural remedies, don’t expect the result overnight. Have patience but in case your symptoms go on worsening consult your doctor.

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